Natalie Cole has died

Sad news, as the title says. Didn’t see it posted yet.

Sad news.

On the bright side, the duet she did with her father in 1991 is slightly less creepy now.

So sad…i did not know she was in such poor health. RIP

The “Unforgettable” album is among the very first CDs I can remember my family buying. And it’s the first CD (21 tracks!) that I remember memorizing, all the way through.

She was a very talented woman.

“Unforgettable” is sad, but now it will be even sadder.


I was totally unaware of her health problems.


Hate to admit it, but this made me laugh.

They’re not saying anything about how she died.

I’d love to be proved wrong, but right now I’m suspecting it was the same thing that killed Whitney Houston: drugs.

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I have seen absolutely no indication of that. All reports I’ve seen have said she has been clean and sober for years. She died from congestive heart failure with complications of hepatitis C and a kidney transplant in 2009. Now maybe her drug use caused the damage to her body that caught up to her later but it did not kill her directly. There is no indication that she was using at all. She has had failing health for years.

That was also my impression.

That’s what I thought a likely scenario.

That’s what I thought, but didn’t know.

That I didn’t know and was pretty stunned by her death. I think she was very talented and am very saddened by her passing. Her early mistakes, that I think she conquered, unfortunately likely killed her.

When I heard the news of her death, it occurred to me that I had no idea what she had done to become a star in her own right. I mean, obviously I knew about the duet with her father – which never struck me as particularly creepy, although as a huge R.E.M. fan, I was disappointed that it snagged a couple of awards that “Losing My Religion” might have otherwise won – but nothing rang a bell as far as her by herself. All those times I heard “This Will Be,” and I never connected it to her.

It’s not my style of music but I would say 9 Grammys and 21 nominations means she had a successful career in her own right. I knew she was big in the 70s and then took a down turn and then a come back. I didn’t realize she was having successful albums through the 90s and 2000s. Those seem to be more in the jazz category and less poppy.