Nate Beeler, coming soon to an editorial page near you!

I was checking Daryl Cagle (editorial cartoon site), and I saw that this guy has been named Best College Cartoonist of the Year. I can see why; both his renderings and his comments are top-notch.

One thing he should bear in mind, though, when he starts doing this professionally, is that the tiny-person-making-wry-comment-in-lower-right-corner is already Tom Toles’ gimmick. I’m not calling it plagiarism: if plagiarism was that sharply defined, Jim Davis would never have been able to do Garfield because Schulz was already using a pet who had complex thoughts and disrespected his owner. But if a new artist starts out with a visual that’s associated with an established one, readers could confuse him with the established artist instead of recognizing him in his own right.

Or am I the only one who takes editorial cartoons this seriously?

[sub]And it might not have been a tragedy if Garfield had never, after all, graced the comics pages.[/sub]

Not bad.

But Tom Toles is by no means the first editorial cartoonist to use a little-guy-in-the-corner. I can’t think of his name, but I remember at least one cartoonist using a little-penguin-in-the-corner.

Pat Oliphant.

No others need apply.

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