"National Anthems" of non-nations

I’m curious what national anthems are used for dependent territories competing in the Olympics, such as Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Hong Kong, etc. I assume it’s a mixed bag - some having their own anthems, others using the anthem of the country that holds sovereignty.

And if I’ve missed a few territories, hopefully someone can fill out the list. BTW - did Macao get absorbed by China (Olympic-wise), or just not field a team this year?

During the parade of nations the commentator said that Chinese Taipei was called that (rather then Taiwan) so as not to upset the Chinese and that, for the same reason, they would use the Olympic anthem rather then a national anthem. Perhaps those you mentioned will do the same.

Macao is now a special administrative area of China. Presumably they don’t have their own Olympic Committe because is another thread I started, it was stated that every NOC sent a team to Athens.

I would think that Puerto Rico or American Samoa, etc., have a national song picked out for such an occasion. The Olympic anthem is usually just used to keep a bigger country from getting angry (Hong Kong, Unified Team)

If someone from the British Virgin Islands won a gold medal, I’m betting on “God Save the Queen”

OP got it right off the bat – it’s a mixed bag depending on the political situation of the specific entity.

Since many National Olympic Committees are independent NGOs or quasi-public entities rather than government offices, many athletes do not even have to march/stand under the legal colors/anthem of their government, so each NOC tells the OC what is it they want raised/played at awards time.

Puerto Rico, for instance, ever since 1952 uses La Borinqueña, which was adopted as the Commonwealth’s official anthem on that year. Every one of the US Non-Incorporated Territories by now has an officially-adopted anthem/state-song.
Before then, starting in the 30s we competed in Central American games, variously using the US flag (back pre-WW2 territories did not generally get flags of their own) or a banner of the Seal of Puerto Rico, and playing the US anthem if necessary. In Helsinki in 1948 we went under a “neutral” flag a-la Chinese-Taipei/Taiwan – a seal of PR under the Olympic rings – and would have used the Olympic anthem.

“Politically delicate” cases such as Chinese-Taipei (aka Taiwan in our real world), as mentioned by calm kiwi will go under a special neutral flag and Olympic Anthem. This was also the answer in '92 for the “Unified Team” of the CIS (former USSR).

THe Olympic flag and anthem was the solution the year East Timor competed before its independence was recognized.

Yes - it’s the offical anthem. As it is of Bermuda.