National Bingo Night 6/15/07--I Call Major B.S.!

I’ve been watching this the past few weeks. As game shows go, it’s not the best, but far from the worst. The contestants are entertaining, the host does a credible job, and as an occasional Bingo player I find enjoyment in it.

But last night, something happened that had Mrs. Know and I scratching our heads and asking, “WTF just happened here?” If you’re a Bingo player, you’ll understand. Here goes:

In Game 2, the first 5 numbers drawn were 4 I’s and a G. After the fourth I was drawn, 8 people were “one away” from having Bingo. Not very probable in a group of 200, but possible nonetheless. The next number drawn was G-57. On that number, 10 more people stood up as “one away”. Without going into a tedious discussion of the rules and probabilities of the game, suffice it to say that there is no possible way for that to happen.

I figure one of two things: someone in editing really screwed up, or there are serious questions regarding the game’s integrity.

Did anyone else watching notice this?

I noticed that as well. I agree that there is no way to pull the balls like that and go from 8 to 18 people. The only possible bingo is along the I column.

One other possibility is that the other people who stood up after that second G was drawn actually had all four of those I’s as well and just didn’t notice before. I don’t see how, and to have basically 10% of all distributed cards out of 200 to have those same four numbers (out of 15 possible) seems low-probability, but I’d be happy to be corrected on the math.

If I understand correctly:

Number of ways to have five of the 15 possible I numbers = 3003 ( = [sub]15[/sub]C[sub]5[/sub]).
Number of ways to have those 4 particular numbers that were called (and one of the others) = 11.
Therefore, the probability that a particular card would have those four numbers in its I column = 11/3003 = 0.003663 (around 1/3 of one percent).

During the following commercials was there an advertisement reminding you to drink your Geritol?