National Chocolate Cake Day 1/27

It’s National Chocolate Cake Day! Well, in the U.S., that is. But the rest of you are welcome to celebrate it with us!

My go-to chocolate cake is Rosie’s Sour Cream Chocolate Cake. Super moist and so chocolatey! It goes brilliantly with her Mocha Buttercream and Fudge Filling.

But, since I’m always game to try out a new dessert recipe (and the above combination is too time-consuming for a weekday), I am going to make Ruth Reichl’s Giant Chocolate Cake as featured at the New York Times. I read her memoir Garlic and Sapphires and loved it, hopefully I will love this cake too. I am going to halve the recipe as there are only 4 of us so we do not need 25 servings of cake! Not sure if I will use her frosting recipe or instead Rosie’s super easy Fudge Frosting. I really like the Rosie’s baking book (by Judy Rosenberg) in case you can’t tell. :slight_smile:

Anyone else celebrating National Chocolate Cake Day?

One of these days, I hope someone brings back Ebinger’s Chocolate Blackout Cake.

I am celebrating. By request I’m just making my cake brownies with chocolate buttercream. Nothing special, but it’ll get et. :slight_smile:

I wish I’d known that ahead of time. I can’t bake tonight, but perhaps this weekend.

My favorite chocolate cake is a Black Midnight Cake, from the 1956 Betty Crocker Cookbook. My mother made it often. It’s designed to get as much chocolate into you in as short a time as possible.

How convenient! I just bought a couple of fundraiser candy bars yesterday (Malley’s, of course, for any other northeast Ohioans). Now I have an excuse to eat them.

Oops, missed the “cake” part. Well, there’s no bad excuse to eat chocolate.

Well, Chronos, it’s always chocolate day!

Rosie’s fudge frosting is made and the cake layers are in the oven. I tasted the batter (salmonella be damned) and it was delicious so hopefully the cake is too.

Of course in my concentration on the cake I wasn’t thinking about what to have for dinner. Fortunately my husband suggested French Toast. Sounds good to me!

The cake was very tasty, although it’s not better than my favorite chocolate cake recipe. But I had to try it, right?! The Black Midnight Cake and the Ebinger’s Chocolate Cake look really good too. I’ll have to try those out sometime.

In case anyone needs an excuse to bake in the near future, here are some upcoming events:

2/3: National Carrot Cake Day
2/10: National Cream Cheese Brownie Day
2/20: National Cherry Pie Day
2/28: National Chocolate Souffle Day

None of those really float my boat, unfortunately. Oh well, there’s always Pi (Pie) Day on 3/14.