National (Medical) Residency Match Day 2013

Bumping the thread to say that I’ve gotten calls from quite a few programs, and gone to interview at some of the local ones. The first round of offers is tomorrow at 11.

Good luck, Shmendrik. Keep us posted.

Good luck tomorrow! I remember last year Derm had some open spots, but they refused to fill them, so I guess it definitely happens that spots open does not equal spots available to SOAP. Supposedly it’s better than it used to be; some of the fellows said that they used to be able to offer positions outside of the NRMP, which would just make everything that much more confusing and stressful.

It’s been a blast. The start of the year was just like :eek: and then halfway through the year it was just :confused: and now it’s starting to finally become :cool:.

I can’t complain, I’ve been enjoying my program and looking forwards to the rest of my years- though it doesn’t hurt that my schedule was set up to have the more “intensive” electives earlier in the year, so this is the easier “more time to read” portions of the year for me. :smiley:

Wow. The past few days have been incredibly stressful, but apparently I’m going to be an anesthesiologist.

Ex-cellent! Pass the gas!!

Seriously, it’s an interesting specialty, and one I have thought I might have enjoyed, as opposed to primary cae.

Great news!! Will you be moving far from where you are now?

Yup, unfortunately that’s the downside - having to move my family to a big expensive city a thousand miles away. Still, it’s a very good outcome for the scramble.

Shmendrik, how do you feel about your future as an anesthesiologist, having interviewed and ranked programs for EM? On the one hand, I can see some similarities between the two (lots of procedures, long periods of quiet and routine punctuated by brief periods of excitement, easy to do as shift work, get to wear scrubs all the time). On the other hand - they’re pretty different! Is it mostly relief after SOAP, or excitement at this new opportunity, or are you already planning to reapply next year?

As an MS3, I almost had a panic attack when I realized that THIS was match week. I can’t imagine how stressful it is for the people who are actually matching!!

Congratulations on your new job!


Anesthesia! I considered that pretty strongly. Lots of interesting physiology, get to do procedures, have some pretty decent hours (eventually). Congrats!
ToeJam, intern year has gone by so quickly it’s actually starting to scare me when I think that in a few short months I’ll supposedly be the one with the answers. My schedule was also pretty front loaded, so I’m sort of coasting from here on out. What specialty are you in?

I’m happy it worked out - bumps and all.

Congratulations! The match was stressful enough for me 4 years ago, I can’t imagine what it would have been like if I didnt match. It could have been even worse though. Currently at my institution we’re dealing with a student who didn’t match in EM and didn’t SOAP.