National review says Scott Pruitt should quit at EPA

Somebody make sure the National Review is publishing the names of other Trump administration officials who should resign, eh.

I’m guessing her got cut loose. Every day was a new story about him or another former employee going on record about how Pruitt did this or that. Today it was about Pruitt doctoring his scheduling record (and firing someone for questioning it) which is, you know, kind of illegal.

While this would ordinarily be a Friday news dump, today is basically a Friday as many people took Thursday and Friday off after the 4th. It’ll be interesting to see if there’s more resignations, such as Kelley, tomorrow

In terms of calculating Corruption Quotient, I have to ask whether you’re putting more weight on the number of scandals or the magnitude of them.

Pruitt is surely the all time record holder for the NUMBER of scandals. In less than two years he managed to become the target of over a dozen formal inquiries into his corruption.

On the other hand, Pruitt’s scandals are bizarrely petty. He’s not any sort of criminal mastermind; he’s a small time grifter who doesn’t care about basic ethics. His scandals are pitty-patty shit. So is Pruitt more or less corrupt than someone who pulls only one scam, but it’s a BIG scam?

Jacob Weisberg on Slate makes a distinction between grifters and grafters:

In Weisberg’s formulation, Pruitt is definitely a grafter. Trump, of course, is a grifter.

(Worth reading the rest of the short piece to see his breakdown of much of the rest of Trump’s inner circle.)

No policy changes, just maybe better at concealing his corruption. I suspect Pruitt was kept past his expiration date because Trump admired the job he was doing in wrecking the EPA as a federal agency with any real power. Wheeler will probably continue to do that job but with a lower profile.