National review says Scott Pruitt should quit at EPA

Amazed he has lasted this long. He is way worse than Price at HHS.

Wonder how many others will officially call for his head. His replacement will push the same ideas so it does not matter much if he goes.

Doesn’t matter. The Donald Cult will cheer his every move if he stays in his job, and will just as vigorously cheer if Donald tells him it’s time to go. Since the Republican Party has joined the cult, they will not act on him but rather put his fate in the hands of the Dear Leader.

To be fair, he’s done wonders for conservation efforts of endangered sharks, and incidentally also been a great boon for the head-mounted friiggin’ laser beams industry.

There comes a point at which someone becomes an unnecessary, lingering distraction. Pruitt might be getting to that point. But that doesn’t change the fact that this administration is rife with corruption and will probably replace Pruitt with someone just as bad.

There is almost an argument to be made that if he is spending his time being a corrupt knucklehead, that is less time he is spending causing death and destruction by raping a pillaging the environment.


They are just going to keep his coal lobbyist deputy running the show, and having approved him once the senate is likely to approve him again if the administration ever gets around to that step.

I hate DeVos more, but Pruitt is amazing. Out of curiosity, who was the last cabinet member as obviously corrupt as Pruitt?

Yes, the one good thing about Trump and his Cabinet is their utter incompetence. Can you imagine how much more horrible it would be if we had an Administration as evil as this one, but also smart?

The sheer venality of Pruitt et al would turn even right-wingers against the present GOP … if they had the gumption to crawl outside their bubble and read about him.

I hope to hear what the Board’s Republicans think of Pruitt. Is “Too venal even for National Review” now a badge of honor?

Yes, but most administrations don’t want distractions from their other activities.

The first answer that came to mind was Albert B. Fall (Harding’s Secretary of the Interior, notorious for the Teapot Dome scandal), but on second thought a full investigation of all the dirty dealings that went on beneath Pruitt’s personal Cone of Silence would probably put Fall out of the running.

The next answer might be Simon Cameron, who Lincoln once said would steal anything but a red-hot stove, but when challenged corrected himself on that point.

Who cares what the never-Trumper National Review has to say?

The big news is that Laura Ingraham says Pruitt has to go. That may actually carry some weight.

Was an entertaining article in today’s paper attributing his behavior to his being so (relatively) poor (net worth of $400k) in a cabinet full of billionaires and 100-millionaires. Sad that he is getting grief for his scams, rather than his horrendous policies.

Pruitt resigned today, per tweet from the President:

(I posted this jokingly in the McCain resignation thread but retroactively thought it deserved a proper mention)

Are there any purported reasons for this? Any word as to who his replacement will be?

I’m sure whoever it is will be equally qualified.

Can we get that lady from the restaurant to talk to trump and Pence?

According to Pruitt (via Fox News):

Who could have guessed that unprecedented corruption leads to unprecedented attacks?

2nd in Command Andrew Wheeler is in charge of the EPA for now. He is a former coal lobbyist so don’t expect any changes.

Keep Scott Pruitt moist

Unfortunately, this appears to be what has happened. Andrew Wheeler is as equally pro-deregulation and anti-science as Pruitt, but without the corruption and incompetence.

Do you all think Pruitt actually offered his resignation or was he essentially fired by Trump? He seems too self-interested for the former (plus I’m hoping for the latter).