nationstates the create your own country game (still here after what almost 20 years ?)

I’m pretty sure that the original reference was to Cecil the Seasick Sea Serpent, not our beloved ghosted-writer.

Either way, it was specifically created for Dopers. :slight_smile:

It was just one of the issues that popped up. There might have been a purge of Blue Commuronnicland’s intelligence services, as many signs pointed back to a spy. Nothing to see here, folks, ignore the vans leaking gasses from the back…

Hmm. In that case maybe it was originally for our Cecil…not quite sure why the sea reference was made, though. Maybe a double entendre.

wow I thought this was dead … I haven’t been back in a week or so but if someone can send me a invite ot the sea of cecil …

I was guessing it was the alliteration.

I’m not sure how to do invites, but if you go to “The World”, there’s a search box in the upper-right corner. On the next page, right after the World Factbook Entry, there should be a button “Move ‘The Greatest Nation In My Mind’ to Sea of Cecil”. Click, boom, done.

The Nation of Moderately Evil here

The Solid 85 wandered in…I’ve lurked around NationStates for years, and lurked around the Dope for years. So why not combine lurks?