nationstates the create your own country game (still here after what almost 20 years ?)
about a decade in a half ago Some one on here made a thread about a web game called nationstates A game where you set up your own country and controlled it by making a few initial choices and then ran it day to day through multiple choice scenarios

It was supposed to be a short term game made as a publicity stunt by author max barry for a novel he wrote … and apparently 10 books later is still is

I played it when it first came out and it was simple quick and funny as hell … and since he didn’t intend to keep it very long it was about a week or two before it repeat its self

Well about 5 or 6 years later I remembered it and looked it up it again played it for a bit found he created more scenarios and there’s a bunch of supported user created stuff for a bit but then I got distracted and never went back

Due to the spaceseed thread I looked it up again and its still there I plan on restarting today … But I thought id share with everyone who forgotten about it or never seen it in the first place

Post here what country you are and maybe if we get enough people we can form an alliance !

I just started the Free Land of Freaky Freaks. :smiley:

The Dominion of The technocracy of ward

I remember back when this game was first out and getting attention. I had a nation I was running as a dictatorship and, over time, noticed that my population was getting dumber. I decided to double down on this and base all my decisions on the worst education outcome. Eventually I hit my goal: the dumbest and least educated people in the world according to the nation stats page.

The funny thing was that people would email me and try to mock me for this. First off, I had done it intentionally and while it was probably less contested than “smartest people”, “largest military”, etc I still managed to lead a pack of tens of thousands of nations in my chosen field. It’s not as though any of their nations were being showcased. Secondly, it’s a silly text game – it’s not as though I’m dumb because my pretend game people are dumb. But I got a good handful of emails saying that I was dumb and losing the game because of my nation ranking. Gave me a nice laugh.

Were they using Brawndo to water their crops? :smiley:

Blue Commuronnicland is alive and well in the South Pacific. Well, it’s alive. Thriving is a subjective measurement, right? Well, I view my subjects as thriving, screw your numbers and data and facts.

Is there, or shall there be started, a Region for dopers?

The Grand Duchy of Funky Fields of Death has been founded in the north Pacific. Now what?

The Marching Morons live.

There was a Sea of Cecil way back when I was playing.

The Commonwealth of Stendania (named after my Star Wars MMO character). Shooting for the world’s highest rate of nudity. :slight_smile:

My nation of Bryantis is a world power in cheese exports.

The Colony of Krondylania has just been founded. We’ll see where this goes…

I made a new Sea of Cecil people can join if they want.

Took me a minute to figure out how, but I managed to join.

On some long forgotten thread, there was a proposed new country of US Great Lakes area states called “Big Tennia”. I always liked that name. :slight_smile:

I have geographically moved Bozostan to this bright, shiny new region.

Well, I’ve broken into the top 5% in the world in drug use (117.2 Pineapple Fondness Rating) and most extensive civil rights (86 Martin Luther King Jrs).

Bozostan seems pretty rich, and one of my ships was ambushed by a neighbor. Can I call for a holy war now, or do I have to wait for actual proof?

How does that (ambush) even happen? Was it just a random event the game triggered?

Bozostan is relatively rich, but only because we’re so young/small.