I am hooked on NationStates.

My Country NationStates is a game where you start your own country and govern it and things. I belong to the Kingdom of Hampshire region. :cool: The Republic of Morrisia. Wow, I have an unoriginal country name.

Damn…I see that according to this thread, my nation hit one billion residents in March of '06. Unfortunately, I let it slide, and it’s been deleted. Oh well.

I know there was a SDMB group there…dunno how many members stayed active.

There was a Sea of Cecil. I stopped with it a few months ago, and it was down to less than ten nations.

It was OK at first, but the issues started to repeat and become boring. Also, they were completely unrealistic – not the controversies, but the results. Everything was designed so that you’d get the worst possible outcome for your choice. It grew tiresom.

I love the game. You can see from the size of my nation I’ve been playing for years.

I make choices based on what’s right for my nation at that time regardless of the bad consequences.

The extreme consequences you’re talking about RealityChuck disapear from your country’s description after a day or two anyway. And you’re left with the long term effect you were looking for!

You can join my region if you want. It’s not very busy though! Only myself and my wife in there.

My wife’s is one of the most environmentally friendly nations in the world. Pretty much always top 10 in the world for such measurements.

Actually, I don’t. Nothing really is set for the long term, other than taxes reaching 100%.

I did that for a while.

It was very dull, & repetitive.

I prefer Civilization.

I’ve just gotten back into it after getting bored with the original SDMB group. I set up a totalitarian state, and went on book burning sprees and whatnot, and some of the fellow SDMBers actually got genuinely snarky with me for it. Fer fuck? It was FUN!

My new nation is non-SDMB related, and a few weeks old. I’ve experimented by starting it as a totalitarian corporate police state (as per the original specs it asked me to enter when I signed up), and then passing wishy-washy liberal-left laws. The results were underwhelming - I didn’t crash the system, but just got a state thate slowly moved further left. If I stick with it, I think I’ll play it seriously and try to steer a good socio-economic course. OR I might just kill everyone. Dunno.

Are you saying it’s inevitable that a nation’s tax rate will get to 100% ?
Or are you saying that once it’s there you’ll never get it down again ?