Natural Born Killers

In 1998 I repeadly watched the movie Natural Born Killers and in the jail cell scene with Mallory Knox and Jack Scagnetti…he walks in to her cell and offers her a smoke and so on. Anyway, she looks at him (at some point) and says “You wanna f#@! me don’t you…?”

Fast forward…2005, I buy the movie and it is the directors cut…I wait to see that line in that scene (cause her laugh after she says it is weird) and it’s not there…

I have searched the internet…everywhere and can find that this line exsists…I know it does?

Does anyone remember this or am I crazy?


I hated that movie, but I sat through the whole thing once.

I seem to recall that line.

I, too, seem to remember that line.

That’s the beauty of it… :wink:

Seems strange to pull it from a re-release though.

Sorry, I was obsessed with this movie back in the day and I believe the line was “You know what I think about? Sex…f***ing…” and while she’s describing all this Skagnetti gets up and starts taking off his clothes. She laughs at him and tells him to sit down and then asks him what he wants.

Fabulous movie. Saw it in the theater the day it came out.

Well, this is allegedly the script, though of course the movie will deviate from it.