Natural habitat of the silverfish?

Calling Blake!! Wooo-hooo…BLAAAAAAKE!! :smiley:

I found a silverfish doing the macarena on my windowsill this evening. No great shakes (no pun intended) but it got me wondering about the eco-role that silverfish play.

What’s their thing? I know they’re verboten in wardrobes and stuff, but where did they hang out before clothes were invented?

What did they eat back then, and what ate them?


Can anyone else answer?

In the wild, silverfish live amongst decaying organic material - under the bark of rotting trees, amid debris on cave floors, eating bits of dead things.

I once lived in a house that had a wood shake roof. It was impossible to get rid of the little buggers. According to the exterminators, the little fellas just love to vacation under the shakes and move easily in and out of the house to avoid excessive temps and search for water.

So, not only was my roof primed for blazing inferno caused by an errant bottle rocket it was host to all of my squiggly living companions.

It was a happy day when I sold that place and moved to somewhere closer to sanity.

I always thought the natural habitat of the silverfish was between the pages of old-timey books in musty-smelling used book stores.

It has an interesting courtship ritual.