Natural Selection in Action

I just heard about the three jounalists who were killed by taliban thigs, and needless to say, my first reaction was “What were these people thinking?”. Of course, they probably weren’t.

Well, gee. Who’d have thought that there might be any danger to riding ON THE ROOF of a fucking MILITARY VEHICLE in the middle of a fucking WAR ZONE? I suppose this was all just a freak accident, wasn’t it? I mean, how could it ever have occured to them that the Taliban would probably be royally pissed that the Northern Alliance just captured a city from them, and that they have as much respect for human life other than their own as the ebola virus? :rolleyes:

What’s wrong with these people? I realize that going into war zones isn’t exactly routine for most journalists, but it seems that common sense would dictate that:

a. Merely by crossing the border into Afghanistan, one is taking a serious risk.

b. One shouldn’t accept rides from combatants unless there’s room INSIDE the vehicle.

Any jounalist who is too fuckin’ stupid to grasp these simple concepts shouldn’t be sent anywhere more dangerous than Disney World.

They were just trying to do their job, and ended up getting killed over it. Would it kill you to show a little respect for those who lost their lives ?

Um, I had a friend die surfing on the back of a car. I really miss him, But Damn, was that a stupid thing to do. Good kid, too. Didn’t even WANT to go on spring break because of all the sex and drinking.

Same concept here. I respect them for doing what they did, but DAMN was that a stupid idea! Couldn’t they use their brains, instead of becoming moving targets??


APCs carry all that lovely armor for a reason. You’re supposed to stay behind it. To ask soldiers in war where uniforms are nonexistent to stop and consider whether or not someone riding on an armored vehicle is a journalist is ridiculous.

I remember reading a piece by a local columnist in Ohio who knew a rather prominent journalist who’d just been killed in some Mid-East nation by people who knew the guy was a reporter and not a soldier. According to him, he’d asked the guy, back when they were in college, why he chose a form of journalism that could possibly put him in the same situation that later killed him. His response? “Its better than being killed by a milk truck when you’re trying to cross the street.”

These guys most likely knew that they were going to be putting their lives in danger, but they chose to put themselves in danger anyway. That takes balls in my book.

In any case, the fact that they were journalists and not soldiers might have gotten them killed anyways.

A couple things. If this or this is what they were riding on, there’s a limited amount of room inside (capacity 13 or 14), so they may not have been able to sit inside. It looks like a tank with a flat top, not a “troop transport, seats 30” type of truck. And if you’re in a war zone, and you wanna make tracks outta there, you grab whatever ride you can, whether it has enough seat belts for everyone or not.

The military can’t be expected to bump personnel so journalists can ride inside behind the nice armor.

Also, they were killed because the APC stopped suddenly to do a 180 to avoid an ambush, and they fell off, and were then killed by the ambushers when the APC left them behind.

So maybe the moral here is, “if you’re going to ride on top, get a really good grip”?

whoops, left out–Evidently there were Alliance soldiers riding on top, too.