Nature's Soft Nurse MMP

The guide was not and is still not helpful. Over time I have learned where the channels I want are located. One thing that helped was to google DirectTV local channels cause that showed what channels go with what stations and so on.

Home with newly adjusted glasses. We shall see if they’re right.

No supper tonight unless we graze. **FCD **isn’t hungry and I don’t feel like cooking. Maybe a bowl of cereal? I’d like sushi, but I don’t feel like going to get some.

I was going to head to Jerusalem tomorrow, but there may or may not be a bus driver strike . . . so my plans may be on hold. There’s also an air raid siren test scheduled for tomorrow morning . . . nothing we actually have to do for that, but we get warned so nobody will think it’s the real thing. I think the cell phone alert notification system will also go off at the same time.

And all the clothing packed away since we moved has now been placed into the new closets!

Bowser yay for unpacking!

Sari yay for new tv service. May I recommend that button that says “guide” on the remote? I gave up DirecTV when I moved up to Orygun, but I think that’s what we used. Actually we may have mostly used the search feature - that’s a good one to use.

I spent yesterday and today hiding from the world thanks to my wonderful head. I have emerged and am starting off easy with the intertoobz.

Other than that, I got nothing.

I worked, I walked Gordie, having a martini. Italian chicken with cheesy rce and spinach is on the menu.

I miss her, too.:frowning:

Boofae, I sleep like a baby. I wake up every two hours, wet myself and cry. :wink:

Sari, let us know how satellite TV works during a thunderstorm. :dubious:

Today’s earworm is G&S, The Mikado.
“The flowers that bloom in the Spring, Tra La, have noting to do with the case.”

Lily is a beautiful cat 2gig. She reminds me of a combination of my last two cats. One was a big long haired white cat whose face was similar to Lily’s and the other who was a black and white short hair. Like you, I will go for an older pet when I find the right one. I just asked about one that is the pet of the day at one of the rescues. He’s a cutie pie!

bat boy, was the Lego assignment one that didn’t allow black? My pick is the second one.

It was another typical Monday. When I stopped to check my mail coming into the driveway, I locked myself out my running car (AGAIN!). :smack: Fortunately, I now have a hidden key, soI didn’t have to call a locksmith. Now to do up the dishes and throw the clothes in the dryer.

Temperature got to 83f today, so for the first time this year the air conditioner in my car got some work…worked fine.

Got all the paperwork for my two soccer teams, along with the equipment bags (soccer balls, pennies, cones provided by the league, which I give back at the end of the year). Added to my own stuff, it’s a fairly impressive array and one of the reasons I wanted a bigger vehicle to haul stuff.

A little worried; I’ve been very regular in my…bathroom habits…, but while taking an afternoon nap I apparently had a very modest…accident in my U-wear. Don’t feel sick and am eating normally, so I’ll keep and eye on things and if it occurs again maybe see the doctor–at my age, anything out of the ordinary is worth checking on.

Flytrap, I sense you already know the answer, but I also have Direct TV and the answer is ‘not very well.’ Still waiting to see how it does in tornadoes…

We’re allowed a maximum of three colours, and as I chose Lego I wanted the three primary colours available, so had to forego black. I could simulate dark colours using combinations, but that’s a bit advanced for me, I couldn’t figure out how to do it.

**From the things you (almost don’t) see everyday file: **

Local college Lax team practicing, in the dark. They were if full gear, carrying their sticks, jogging around the perimeter of the field, singing inappropriate for young ears cadence. :smiley:

I didn’t see them so much as they were (barely) backlit

Howdy Y’all! Home from men’s night over to the church house. We had a pretty good crowd and a good time was had by all. I warmed up some of the leftovers from Sattidy but there’s still stuff left i.e. carrots, cabbage, and N.O.T. They’re fine but need to get eaten so tomorrow I shall take all of it over to a local place that provides hot meals to homeless/displaced persons. Da bear does not want perfectly good food to go to waste. Also on tomorrow’s agenda is some yahd irk which shall get taken care of in the mornin’. Plus also, I need to take the propane tanks for the grill and get 'em filled. That might be enough stuff to keep me outta trouble for a day.

I have never had a real problem with DirectTV in a tstorm. It might glitch up a bit but has never gone completely out. I can just about say the same thing for a tornado. One passed through the area in late January, fortunately not near da cave, and no problems occurred.

I shall now surf teh intartoobz for a bit and then go beddy bye.

Nitey Nite Y’all!

Dinner was salad; now to do likewise and veg out.

I was also shooting through tree leaves when I lived in the woods.
Bring back C-Band!

I believe I have mentioned that my cat drinks beer, smokes cigarettes, and says things to me like, “When you die, I can sleep in the bed.”

What is a lax team?

Ignorant, mean people suck. That is all.

At a guess, I would say lax = lacrosse.

And yes, ignorant mean people do indeed suck.

Happy Toosday!

It’s still cold and dark outside.
It’s supposed to get up to 59 today, and now according to TWPTB it’s not supposed to rain.

I managed to get 4 hours sleep last night, from 10 until 2.
I don’t know why I woke up when I did.
I took some mel, I wonder if I could take it again in the middle of night if I wake up? I’ll have to look it up.

I’ll let you know Flytrap.
Sunny the guide button is annoying because they have all that crap in there, the wider strips that are advertising or something I think. Very annoying.
So far I am not too happy with it, but I think it’s because I have to get used to it.
I am also disappointed that I can’t get WETA UK.
I still have 13 days to cancel and I’m not going to cancel my cable until then.

We’ll get groceries today, and I have to pay a few bills.
Other than that SSDD

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Off to work.

Hey, 'sup?

This week has started out pretty good. Got my ‘to-do’ list for Sunday squared away before breakfast was even ready that morning; the odd feeling of actually having all the time in the world was a good one for me.

Rocketing along with this major translation project; for this first section, I’ve been using a surplus mini laptop I inherited from irk a couple years ago (so old it’s got Windows 7 on it) to bang out the rough draft on the commute in the mornings and evenings, and then spending weekend time polishing that up with the help of my dictionaries. This weekend is the big final polish and then off to the author, who is tremendously excited about all this.

The next couple sections will be done at home, as I’m putting in for two vacation periods in May and July to focus on those full-time.

And since it’s not some “BIG IMPORTANT SECRET THINGS!” kind of project, I can actually say that it’s the translation of “Karl Marx: A Biography” by Sven-Eric Liedman (a professor at Gothenburg University) and will be published by Verso Books sometime in 2018. Old-timers here at the Dope will naturally not be all that surprised, I’m sure.

Nothing quite like getting to the office to find two large dark stains of some sort on one’s right bresticle. Dammit. I know it wasn’t there when I got dressed. All I can figure is I got mayo on my shirt when I was making my lunch and I didn’t notice it. The stain definitely looks like grease, which means it won’t just fade like a water spot would.


So I’ve zipped up my sweater and zipped it must stay.

How much longer till Firday??

Happy Stoopit Tuesday. Dammit.

Bresticle? Blurf

I have seen crazy. This woman is either certifiable crazy or really trying to pull a fast one re work. It is an awkward situation as it is a colleague who is dating my boss. I mentioned it before and now they are out of the closet. Her accusation against my best employee was so absurd I asked my boss for guidance. Of course he tried to make excuses for her but I showed him the texts she sent; disjointed, all over the place, dragging even another employee in. I did not play along. In all no resolution just more crazy. I told him I am worried about her state of mind. Shit keeps up I will go to her boss who is the director. My boss was her boss until they decided that was not ethical.

People should just leave me alone.

So happy Tuesday and I’m gonna go deal with the crap again today.