Nature's Soft Nurse MMP

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 56 Amurrkin out and clear with a predicted high of 84 and N.O.S. for the day. Tomorrow’s high will also be in the 80s. Thursday’s high is predicted to be mid 60s. Weather by Sibyl. Today is all about yahd irk, food delivery, takin’ some stuff to the county landfill, and propane tank(s) fillin’. Dindin shall be courtesy of the Pubic Sto’ deli bein’ as I also need to go there and don’t feel like cookin’.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. When there’s enough daylight I shall begin the yahd irk. Rah!

Happy Tuesday Y’all!

Butters that sucks. It’s shit like what you’re going through that causes workplaces to frown on dating. And boss / employee relationships are the worst. Sorry to hear about it.
I am not normally awake at this hour but night 2 with Lilly was one of little sleep. As expected she was standoffish after me going away to work for 10 hours. I coaxed her out of the closet, closed the door then opened the bedroom door to the house.

It took her an hour to notice, then she carefully glided out of the room, looking at me to see if I would notice my mistake. Awhile later it was lights out, but the whole evening was a blur of occasional high speed kitty runs, a few meows and a couple bed jumps (the first ones).

I just reopened the closet so she can go crash in there. Hopefully I can get a little more rest before it’s time to get moving.

Good night!

Hi Olentzero! waves hi

You translate the kind of books my brother Jay likes to read.

What does propane cost? It is a byproduct of making gasoline, and the price reflected the price of gasoline at the high, but I didn’t think it had come down with gas. I don’t live in the woods anymore, and the company offered me a fill at a discount since I hadn’t bought any for a while.

There was no bus strike, but I ended up not going to Jerusalem in the end - I’ll go Thursday instead. I had the crap (almost literally) scared out of me when I forgot the siren test this morning - it wasn’t the sirens, but the alert tone that came thru my earbuds and almost broke my eardrums.

We have friends from our old neighborhood comin’ a callin’ tomorrow afternoon, and we’re either going out to din-din, or Mrs. Bowser will whip up something good and we’ll eat here. I’m looking forward to the visit.

Meanwhile, I hear my BIL back in the states is back in the hospital again. He’s had medical issues going on for some time . . . I’ll give him a call later and see what’s up.

Happy hump day! (At least, here it is!)

FTR, Spidey was not the mean people of which I spoke

Bowser I confess I am somewhat envious that you can take a bus to Jerusalem, and then I hear about the air raid drill and am reminded about all that goes with living there. I remember air raid drills on the West Coast when I was a kid and we were still hiding under desks or marching down to the shelters. Not fun.

I hope your BiL feels better soon.
Other than that, one sick child off to school. Still somewhat sick, but well enough to go. Bouncing all over the house yesterday and no fever. Meets my criteria for off to school. Daughter still has one day left of illin’ I think.

Missed my attorney appt yesterday for the SSDI filing, so I need to reschedule. Hubby leaves today for 2 weeks/almost 3 weeks away. Sigh.

I admit to a slight feeling of blueness.

I did have a dream that someone gave me a puppy. I did think, in the dream, that I should ask hubby before taking it, but it was sooo cute that I just cuddled it and had fun. It was a good dream.

::Orders squid::
::whistles for goat:: (do goats respond to being called like a dog does?)
Welcome, Olentzero; your [del]Detla Tau Chi[/del] Mumper name shall be…Goose Egg.

Cost varies significantly by region.

Nah, BringsCoal… (he knows why).

Nice people ----------- never mind. I never had that t-shirt anyway. :wink:

He lives THAT close to me?!?!?!?!

Yeah – I know there is that other one. But like Bethlehem we Pennsylvanians tend to ignore it.
Getting ready for work. Have as much prepared for Thursday and Friday as I can prepare. Looking forward to next week and getting back to my normal form of abnormal.

Howdy Y’all! I have accomplished yahd irk, goin’ to the church house to get and take foodstuffs as well as empty the dishwasher from last night, a trip to :eek:Wally*World:eek:, and have had N.O.L. In a bit I shall go purchase propane (relatively cheap here), then go to the Pubic Sto’. I have decided I shall purchase some of their pulled poke (it’s good) and their deli slaw (also good) as well as some good buns. Then I shall do some oven fries. That will make a pretty good dindin with minimal fuss.

Bowser prayers and good thoughts headed out for your BIL.

Thanks for the good wishes to the BIL. I spoke to him on the phone, and he sounded weak. He told me that my sister hadn’t told me half of what was going on with him, and that he doesn’t know when he’d be headed home.


LAX has always meant Los Angeles International Airport. I used to fly a lot, before they made it such an ordeal to get on the planes. I hate flying now and avoid it whenever possible.

Ha! I’ve still got a netbook around here with Win95 on it. What do I win?

I also have a laptop that had Vista on it until last year when I installed Win10 on it to play with. It has to be plugged in to work 'cause the battery’s borked and the display is going dark, but I’m loath to throw it away. I’m a 'puter hoarder.

I remembered a dream, which is unusual for me. Wife got up at around 7:00 this morning, and, being the good considerate husband that I am, I decided to let her have a head start, and snuggled back into the covers, even though I had to pee really bad.
Well, I fell back to sleep and dreamed that I was exploring a 4 story antique store. I kept looking for a bathroom, but kept getting distracted by all the cool old stuff. Finally someone told me that there was only one bathroom in the building, up on the top floor. :eek: So I went up there and got in line. There were about 30 people in line in front of me, and when I turned around to look there was a line behind me stretching out of sight! :eek::eek::eek:

Then I woke up.

Bowser, I hope BIL gets better and gets out of hospital soonest.

I’m gonna tell a sad story. Everybody who’s sick of my stories can skip ahead.

A few years ago I got a call from my brother in Georgia telling me that "Mom’s in the hospital, but it’s nothing. You don’t have to come." I got a bad feeling, and told them “I’m coming.” They tried to talk me out of it, but I went. The day after I got there they transferred her to hospice. I stayed with her in her room at hospice until she died, with various relatives popping in and then scampering off as if they were afraid they were going to catch something.
It seems that since I am not a fundamentalist christian like them, many of them think I am an actual agent of the devil, and will steal their souls, or some such BS. I’ve been told as much. :dubious:

Bowser, don’t take this to mean I have a bad feeling about your BIL. I’m just trying to explain a little bit about why I’m such an antisocial old bastard.

You are like the elderly woman who visited my friend, the Minister when he was sick, because he visited all the sick people in the congregation: “My Brother had that. <snap> went like that!”

OYKW called me when I was in the Pubic Sto’ to tell me he has a gnawin’ and a cravin’ to steal the General’s dindin. Since I had not purchased the pulled poke and such, I told him I was all for that happenin’. So I shall await the General’s dindin as OYKW will pick it up on his way to da cave. Sounds like a deal to me!

Bumba you live in Orygun so of course you are satan’s emissary!

Hey now! I’ll have you know we’re perfectly nice emissaries. :cool:

Hey! :dubious:
Darlingtoniagrows in Oregon.

You watch your ass.

I had a knock knock knock at my door around noonish.

Direct Tv sent somebody out to check on the job the guy did yesterday.
So far I have had at least 4 calls asking if my tech did this that or whatever and am I happy. I don’t always answer the phone so for all I know there’s been more of them.
If you want me to be happy then leave me the f alone.

I don’t know what this has to do with it

My Aunt Vera died as she was getting ready for church. One of my mother’s friends died getting ready for church. Another aunt died, you guessed it, getting ready for church.
So my mother is telling me this, and then she pauses and asks me when I am going to start going to church.

We’re letting Salsa feed us supper. Because. :smiley: When we get back, I need to de-ash the pellet stove and fill it up for the night. Not fun, but necessary.

I stopped at the dentist office on the way home and the nice lady at the desk said there was a mistake and I don’t owe anything, so yay! I didn’t think I owed $130+, and it turns out I don’t.

That’s pretty much it for now.

This made me laugh - what does that say about me?? :smiley:

You have a cook?