Nature's Soft Nurse MMP

The General’s dindin has been swiped and et. 'Twas good. Chillage ensues.

:eek: I was right! That looks like a plant only Satan would grow. :stuck_out_tongue:

Beer! Beer grows in Orygun. Also some pretty good wine. :smiley:

Tonight we had a cook, a server, a guy who brought us chips and salsa, and someone to clean up after us - all for under $25, including tip. And we both have enough left over for tomorrow’s lunch.

I got the shrimp and rice, which is shrimp sauteed with zucchini slices, served over rice. As soon as it was served, I divided it in half on my plate. I had enough for a nice supper, and I’ve got enough for a nice lunch. Not bad for an $8 entree!

We’ve cleaned the pellet stove, and it’s refilled and burning now, making more ash for us to clean up. :smiley:

Welcome Bowser. I have been remiss in welcoming you. I do envy your locale and sad to know I will never get to go to cool places unless I win the lottery. Can never remember to play. Welcome to Goose Egg??? as well.

Had a glorious irk day. Lucky Louie bit me yesterday morning when I tried to get him to go to irk st 0500. We left this morning at our regular 0800 and he was rarin’ to go. He does not know that his bites do not hurt. Finished and submitted budget and it is a good one. I don’t see too many changes being made and made sure to put into the narrative that I request a copy of what is actually submitted and approved. We shall see.

Accreditation team with the coveted 5 star due last week of April so that’s my next big project. Not too big as I knocked it out of the park last year so just updating documentation. If we don’t get the 5 stars it won’t be because of my program or facilities, financials, training logs or anything else.

Radio silence from my boss and his crazy ass girlfriend. Hopefully they (she) has learned a lesson.

I know I never have anything interesting to talk about but here is a funny, to me, thing that happened yesterday. Our business manager is hateful, rude and tries and has succeeded in making ppl scared of him. I sent him a spreadsheet that was not populating another page correctly so I email it to him asking him if to check the formula. No response after 3 1/2 hours so I call him he answers hello. I say hi Mr B how are you? This is how we southerners with any upbringing talk on the phone. His response was “what do you want” in a grouchy voice. Without thinking I said “can’t you just say OK?” in a not so nice voice. Later, I had to go to his office and walked in and said “how are you?” He looked at me like I had two heads but said OK and cracked a little smile. Bastard.

2 gig, it’s been 20 years since I’ve had a cat cohabitating with me, but I still miss the midnight kitteh races.

butters, your irk situation absolutely sucks. Exempt and non-exempt employees are not allowed to “fraternize” at my irkplace and I’m on board with that.

I hope that your BIL heals soonest, bowser.

It’s been a down day. Shoot, it’s been a down month in some ways. My late sweetie has been on my mind a lot. Part of that has to do with a former coworker asking about him this weekend (he didn’t realize that he had passed) and part of it is the anniversary of his passing. At some point, things will begin to look up again, just not now.

Well, rats (which, according to my dearly departed mother, was the first word I ever said). Supposed to have my first soccer practice with the girls tonight, weather was great all day, then about 3PM there was a storm cell developing to the Northwest, but it looked like it was going to miss us, so I went to the field at 5PM, started to set up the equipment and…thunder began rolling and there were flashes of lightning in the distance, and the powers-that-be closed the park. Did get to meet 5 of the girls briefly, but now have one practice before our first game…I’ll be lucky to have their names figured out by then.

Boys’ team practices tomorrow, we’ll see what the weather holds.

Otherwise another day that the heating bill is $0, got to 81F, and not a lot more. Now need to nuke meself some macaroni and cheese for my evening sustinance.

I wore myself out today and I’s tahrd! Tomorrow is more yahd irk stuff. Thursday is no yahd irk. Firday is go help JDD pick up limbs and stuff at his 'rents place so he and Partner can mow on Sattidy. Sattidy for me is first mowage of the back forty over to the church house. Yahd irk is apparently a sure sign that Spring is here. :smiley:


Butters IMHO HRH Lucky Louie was entirely within his rights to bite you at five a.m.

Dinner was leftovers. They have been added to and doctored around so many times that I forget what the original meal was. :slight_smile:

So it was 82 today, and Thrusday morning it’s supposed to dip below freezing.:dubious: “Weather by Sybil” Canes won, baked fried chicken was good.

Congrats, GooseEgg!

My one high school teacher’s air raid drill instuctions were “If you hear the siren, bend over, grab your ankles, and kiss your ass goodbye.”:smiley:


Hope the BiL feels better ,Bowser.

Butters, Gordie is not a morning person, either. But he doesn’t bite. And the boss/crazy girlfriend thing is insane.

I don’t cotton to crazy folk.

And we don’t cotton to folks who don’t cotton to folks who cotton to ---------- ah, Hell, never mind. The foot cramp has about gone away and I’m going back to bed.

Happy almost 10:00! Was up before 6 got out, came back, ran out again (the wife needed one large potato), and now I’m working for a bit before I go do my hour walk. I may also stop by the pharmacy to pick up a prescription.

Still planning on friends dropping by for dinner this evening. Gotta spiff up the place a bit.

Butters, I hate bosses like that. Luckily, I’ve only had one real bastard over the years. A cantankerous old man who fought my unemployment after he fired me. He’s long dead by now, and I’m sure missed by nobody (especially his former employees).

Night of weird dream and broken sleep. And I think I followed **FCD **down Rt 5 this morning, unless there’s another car like his in this county that goes to work where we work. :smiley:

Another busy day ahead, and amazingly, the boss sent out an email yesterday about having a group lunch of Firday - actually giving us time to plan! So I should probably go. I don’t really want to, but I will.

Other than that, another day in Paradise. Happy Wednesday!

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 61 Amurrkin out and clear with a predicted high of 83 and mostly N.O.S. for the day. Tomorrow the high shall be 65 Amurrkin, then back to the 80s. Weather be weird. I had planned on doin’ more yahd irk today but right now all I can do is sneeze and sniffle so I shall postpone that for another day. Ain’t like I need to do it after all. I do have some errands to take care of and the local Harvey’s Sto’ has some deals I want to check out. Think I’ll also go to the liberry. Dindin shall be soup 'n sammich over to the church house.

Now I need more caffeine and rumbly tummy demands sustenance. Then, I shall purtify to go about the public. Rah.

Happy Hump Day Y’all!

they are both exempt. Rumors were flying for two years they were sneaking around together but we are now to believe they only recently decided to give it a go. :roll eyes: so somewhere along the way she was made the directors employee but that is on paper only. And also hugs.

Old grouch treats everyone like that not just me. He is not my boss. I am his internal customer. May have to remind him of that.

But yea, the boss/employee thing is not right, not ever.

Dang edit window. Anyway, I am awake yet still abed. Got to try to make it till the weekend. Come on weekend.

Here’s hoping all have a great day.

Kaixo! Zer moduz? Tell your brother to keep an eye on the Verso website, though he probably won’t see anything until sometime next year.

As for the rest of y’all, be it known that though an English word seems to be present in my username, you are all mercilessly slaughtering a phoneme to get there. It’s not Olent-zero, it’s Olen-tzero. So with that in mind, y’all can keep calling me GooseEgg if you want to, but in deference to Nava I will only respond to…


So let it be written, so let it be done.


Why would I waste an opportunity for a gift?

I have a desktop with Vista on it as well - another surplus adoptee from irk - but it lives in my closet because I accidentally fried its brains with CCleaner and now it won’t boot, even from CD. But if I ever do get it to boot it will be glorious because it has Photoshop on it.

I peeked around the insides and I’m pretty sure it is not a prefabricated factory bog-standard kind of job because it doesn’t have a corporate logo on it, it has processors that for the time were actually quite decent for graphics work, and the motherboard (one specifically constructed for Vista) has slots for 6 hard disks, as does the frame IIRC. Even now I suspect it could be a good rig if I could put its brain back in.

Stop by Sweden and I’ll get the Professor to sign it! :smiley: