Nauseated by the light

Whenever I wear most sunglasses, my sense of equilibrium seems effected and I become faintly nauseous.
The color doesn’t seem to matter: green, amber, gray.
Is this purely idiosyncractic or does it happen to anyone else? Any ideas of why it happens?
(P.S. I say “most” sunglasses because the only ones that didn’t cause it were PhotoGrays (sp?))

I think that your brain just relies too much on what you see to determine your balance instead of the fluid in your ear and/or the muscles in your legs. If you have a problem with sunglasses, I also must presume that you have problems with standing with your eyes closed as well. You could probably improve your balance by walking on a straight line everyday, eventually getting to walking a tightrope that is only a foot or so above the ground or just trying to stand with your eyes closed for set amounts of time daily. Hope this helped.

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