Na'vi Avatars

What is inside the avatars?

Electronic circuitry? Biological tissue?

They’re fully living hybrid clones, blended between the DNA of the human pilot and donor tissue from the Na’vi. Not certain whether or not they’re capable of reproducing, but we’ll probably find out by the 3rd or 4th sequel.

An issue raised by those insightful pundits at :rolleyes: was, what sort of redundancy do they have for the “driver”-clone data link? Sometimes, when browsing even a text-only forum, like the SDMB, we can encounter a data glitch, or a slow-down, or a “Mozilla can’t find that page.” What if that happens to Jake when he has to make an important decision? Or does the clone even know to keep breathing in the event of it not getting signal? Probably breathing yes, but … Jake? Jake? You zoned out there for a second.

I…I…I…'ll be wiiiii…th you in a sec…sec…sec…ond.

“Look! Over There! Here!”

I would love to see the avatar lock up with little spinning windows cursor icons in the eyes, just repeating, “We are updating your system to Windows XVIII. This will only take a moment.”

He’s not piloting it remotely, like it’s a living drone; his consciousness is transferred into the avatar and he, the actual person, is there in the avatar, so there’s no zoning out due to transmission lag.

Now, a transmission error when his consciousness is being transferred? That’d be a problem.