Nazi Autobahns in Poland? What Happened To Them?

I once read that as soon as Poland was conquered, the Germans began an extensive program of highway building in Poland. the idea was to pave the way for German colonization, and also pave the way for the anticipated invasion of Russia.I have seem recent pictures of sections of these highways-many are in remote arteas, and pass through forests and empty areas. Are these roads now being incorporated into the Polish National Highways system? Are some in use today?

Sure the planned roads, they also planned to take over Russia and the USSR,Scandanavia, Britain France … and North Africa… etc… .

Apparently 20 miles of the current A4 was in Deutchland at the time, and thats why it got a highway quality (single carrage way though) little brother to the autobahn built back in the 1930’s,1940’s… And that is why a nazi built road is in poland today… Much of it has had the top levels throughly replaced though.

The Deutch war machine in Poland made use the railways, as they were already in place.

The Germans did a lot of highway construction in Germany in the decade prior to WWII. Part of this was to create jobs, part of it was to make the shipping of goods easier to help the economy, and part of it was for military purposes, so that they could more quickly move troops and military vehicles around as needed.

Once WWII started, a lot of the engineering and construction work shifted to military construction, and highway building slowed dramatically. They did build some roads into Poland and France to help them move military equipment and supplies around. When Germany later retreated, they blew up a lot of bridges and damaged a lot of the roads that they had built so that the Allies couldn’t take advantage of them. That meant that after the war, a lot of those roads were in pretty bad shape, and many areas that had been hit hard by the war didn’t have the resources to fix them up properly.

Some segments of the roads in Poland were incorporated into the local road systems and are still in use today. Other parts were abandoned and left to rot, especially those that crossed into territories that were divided up during the cold war. Since civilians weren’t permitted to cross the borders, those sections of roadway became completely useless.

During WWI, the German worked on building a road to connect Berlin to Konigsberg. This was likely one of the roads that you read about. After the war, this road ended up in three different countries. In Germany, it was absorbed into the Autobahn. In Poland, parts of it became the A6 and are still in use today. In the USSR, a lot of it was abandoned. After the cold war ended, parts of it became the S22 expressway. In between the A6 and the S22 you have sections of road that were built by the Nazis and have mostly been abandoned since WWII, and you have sections of road that were never completed.