Nazi plans for Stalin, etc.?

Just a historical curiousity question … everyone has heard that the top leadership of the Nazi and Japanese regimes in WW2 were publicly tried for war crimes, and some executed. Did Hitler have any plans for what he wanted to do with the Allied leadership, should he have won the war? Would he have made some sort of public example of them after a victory parade Roman-style, or just have them offed in secret, or what?

There is a detailed plan of what he planned to do with various English leaders, should he have successfully performed operation Sea Lion. Unfortunately I forget what those plans were.

Wikipedia has a good entry, and you can use the Amazon “Look Inside” feature to see the details.

Hitler certainly had a plan for what he was going to do with Russians, but as far as Stalin specifically, I’ll have to defer to others as to whether such a plan existed.

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I loved this bit:

Quite literally, gallows humour. :wink:

With the nazis practically anything can be stated and generally is.
Based solely on the known treatment of the leadership of countries conquered, I would imagine that most of the allied leaders would have been permitted to retire or permitted to act as collaborators ( however willingly or unwillingly: such as Petain [ who detested the nazis, yet felt obliged to fulfil the Third Republic’s obligations if surrender ] or Lloyd George the realist ), or permitted to stay in a concentration camp ( like Leon Blum ) but not killed.

Churchill would have had to flee to Canada, but even if captured there would be too much horror and resentment stirred up in Britain by killing him, so I would guess life imprisonment much like Hess: the nazis were very pragmatic idealists and only got away with as much as they dared ( that yielded maximum profit ).

Unless Stalin came to an agreement of semi-surrender or stand-off he and the other top soviets would probably be killed in prison. However opposed politically the nazi and communist personnel were practically interchangeable as types so middle ranking and minor communists would have been permitted to convert. Hitler preferred ex-communists as nazi recruits since they had dedication and zeal compared with the middle classes; however this led to two dangers that would have radically changed naziism by the 1950s had they won: the leftist nazi ideology of the SA and the Strassers was expected to reassert after the war against the technocratic zealotry of the SS, which could combine with the ‘Beef-Steak Nazis’ to impose a more democratic socialist state. Added to which Hitler would have been forced to retire himself in honoured solitude, well-guarded ‘for his own protection’ considering his astounding physical debilities, therefore a peaceful state under say, Speer as successor would have been more conciliatory than the wartime leaders.
Plus the Reich would probably go broke with no-one further to plunder. And with America still as implacable enemy since it could not be conquered ( and no nazi ever dreamt of conquering the USA, or Latin America ) and the British speaking parts of the world such as Canada and Australia allied to America, Nazi Germany wouldn’t have lasted long no matter what they won. At best ( from their point of view ) it simply would be a Economic United Europe much like the present EU by now and the ideology purposed to the 1920s softly forgotten.
Communists who remained opposed, gipsies, monarchists, jews, and any who opposed the regime, would be missing of course.