Nazi Punks, Eff Off

I’d give a link, but they keep vanishing on me.

Apparently, we’re being infested by a loathsome form of brainless neo-nazi apologists. This isn’t really a problem… except for the brainless part.

I wouldn’t mind debating their tiny heads into the ground, but their only arguments appear to be ridicule, repetition, and bad taste.

Why does evil have to be… Well, I guess we should be relieved that evil is stupid. Otherwise, it might appeal to people.
I mean, really, is that the best they can do?

Every time I hear about an intelligent, charming and otherwise respectable neo-nazi type, I get scared. I don’t fear the brainless evil people; they’re nothing more than sheep. (For an example of what I’m talking about, in the movie American History X, Edward Norton’s character was far more dangerous than his overweight friend, who was mean and nasty but not smart.)

Um, E have you not seen the numerous requests by Tuba to ignore these folks? There are a number of posts by her in other pit threads about a few of these people, which perhaps you didn’t see.

Anyhow - we’re just spose to pretend they’re not there - just as an FYI. :slight_smile:

This is true, but even the intelligent and charming types are necessarially limited. And on here… that’s a fatal flaw.

Really, the best debate they’ve pulled up is ‘We are not a nation of immigrants’, because many people personally were born here.

a new one has sprung up in GD, welcome electrik! ::clicking on Report this post to a moderator…::

We’ve all seen how truely effective ignore skins are…

Much easier to get them sent to jail or any one of many alternatives available.

Actually, it’s a lot easier to get the FBI involved now with the new antiterrorism stuff they are pushing :slight_smile:

Tormenting people like that is one of the more amusing hobbies of mine.