Nazi supermarket shopper - What is the uniform he is wearing?

I agree, but UK society* seems to be heading in the opposite direction.

*I originally typed soviety, freudian or what.

If you pull up the slideshow and double click on the receiving medal picture it goes high res and that painting is amazing. How in the hell would you commission something like that?

Let me guess - his shopping cart was filled with Danish, Brussels sprouts, French fries, & Polish sausage. And, on top of that, he bounced a Czech.

I’m not sure how his having mental health problems (as yet undiagnosed, according to the article; it’s the Mail, so what they is probably on the caveat side of truth) means it’s OK for him to go around in a Nazi uniform.

If he really wants people to distance themselves from him, but without causing other people to be upset - and a Nazi uniform genuinely could cause people to be upset either because of personal memories, memories from immediate family or knowing what it symbolises - then there are other outfits available. Just put on some really stinky clothes and people will avoid you like the plague. Get home, have a 30-second strip-wash, change clothes, and all’s fine.

For some reason he reminds me of Anders Behring Breivik.

I’m surprised he went with the old Viva Las Vegas Hitler instead of the young Hillbilly Cat Hitler.

You’re a funny guy wedgehed. :smiley:

Himmler (in black) and Heydrich (in grey) are to his left; I don’t recognize the grunt holding the pillow. I suspect he’s just an SS drone.

Maybe he hasn’t realized that they were the baddies

Wait… what was the SS policy on gaudy visible tattoos?

Hey, that could be a seriously profitable business if the artist is open to ideological diversity…

I think I would avoid that surgeon. Just in case.
(And isn’t removing yourself from the breeding pool kind of contary to SS ideology, now that I think of it?)

Only for Aryans, and more specifically, members of the SS.

Something tells me that they (the SS) would be pleased if non-Aryans removed themselves from the breeding pool.