Nazi supermarket shopper - What is the uniform he is wearing?

What is the uniform rank or service displayed in the photo accompanying the article?

Never mind they apparently had a follow up article with this loon and the question was answered.
‘Some people turn to God, I turned to Adolf Hitler’

Oh CRAP! That explains so much.

Pretty ambitious “I am not a Nazi” there. He’s got the collar insignia of a SS-Obergruppenführer and/or General der Waffen-SS on his uniform.

IIRC, black was the color of the Allegemeine (or General) SS, as distinct from the Waffen (Paramilitary) SS and Death’s Head SS (concentration camp guards). The latter two wore grey (though the Allegemeine SS apparently adopted grey uniforms during the war as well).

He also has the SD lozenge of the Sicherheitsdienst (Security Service) sewn onto the lower left sleeve of his uniform. This would put him under the command of Reinhard Heydrich, who was second only to Himmler in the SS.

Supermarket joke, incorporating “selektion,” admit to myself it’s not clever but somebody’s going to be the first to make it, hit “submit.”

On reading the article, I’m wondering why the police went to his apartment/house to question him.

Unless it was to check on his mental health - I don’t see why either. Being a dick isn’t illegal - and it seems like he might not even know/understand he is being a dick.

The hate crime laws in the UK are very extensive* and the authorities have a bit of a sensitive spot when it comes to them. Somebody probably complained about it so the police went to find out what the story was.

I don’t think there’s any actual offence there though.

*Personally I think they’re too extensive, there have been quite a few incidents of people getting into criminal trouble regarding racist/sectarian/sexist comments posted online.

I also don’t see why a ‘hate crime’ is so much worse than a bog-standard ordinary crime, I especially disagree with people convicted of hate crimes getting higher sentences than otherwise.

I can’t believe I’m defending people’s right to be jerks but there you go.

So, maybe I’m just forgetting one of the Nazi bigwigs, but is that painting in the article supposed to be supermarket Nazi guy himself meeting (aged) Hitler & pals?

It’s important to defend their rights to be jerks so that we can know they’re jerks. Anyway, it might have been that he was involved in TV or a historical event and had forgotten to change; unfortunately it wasn’t.

Anybody but me break into song “Springtime for Hitler”, ven you saw ze bed, und al ze heart shaped pillows, mit ze love vords.

Absolutely nothing would have happened had he dressed like Chairman Mao. He would even have received praise.

I agree that nothing would have likely happened but that’s only because almost no one would have realized it. He wouldn’t have received praise though. What a stupid thing to contend.

Sure he would have. “Gee, that’s a comfy and practical looking outfit. Look at all the pockets!”

Nah, the fashion police would have shown up - mandarin collars are so out!

I think I would have had a similar reaction if I saw this dude in a supermarket. I’d grab anyone I could and goose-step march past him, singing as loudly as possible, “Springtime for Hitler and Germany (bah…ba-bah-da!)”

What, you can’t celebrate Halloween?

That guy doesn’t like Hitler…he LOVES him!


Sounds like a charming fellow. I wonder who did that painting for him. I’d like to get one of myself waltzing with Mussolini.

This. I don’t want the government forcing jerks to act like they’re not jerks. I want them to show their true colors publicly so I can ignore or boycott them.

I’d really like to know how a vasectomy can cause this kind of mental damage, and why it can’t be treated.