Sit! Roll over! Sieg Heil!! Good boy!!


I’d like to send this guy back in time like racist Vic Morrow from that Twilight Zone: The Movie segment. I don’t think he’d think he was so funny after that.

Well, don’t blame the dog.

I think the larger question raised is; who is making and selling “Hitler” T-shirts?

My guess is he made it himself, possibly at one of those mall kiosks.

Why? You looking for one!

This line is my fav:

Very Onion-like.

At least the dog is demonstrating greater intellectual capacity than its owner.

Oh. My. God. If I hold my hand out and say “Hitler Salute” my dog will fire off several snappy low Nazi salutes – just like Hitler sometimes did! – in succession. She too is a black German shepherd. Never again.

By the way, what the fuck?

Note to self: stop using hand signals for tricks. See, it doesn’t really matter what I say. But, again, she is German.

And another loony gets the attention he wants.
On some level, though, isn’t this disrespectful to Der Fuehrer? Shouldn’t Thein be giving orders to a lesser party functionary, like maybe Putzi Hanfstaengel?

Putzi would be a nice name for a dog.

I saw that earlier this morning. Bizarre.

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**Why? You looking for one!

Nah, already got 2, one for everyday wear and one for formal occasions, like dog shows.

I shop at adolfrus but I didn’t know they were selling overseas.

Larger still, who wears a Hitler mustache?

My question is who is buying the things ?

I am going to take a wild stab at this one, and answer, “Those who like Hitler.” Maybe?

Well, really, what other kind of salute is this dog going to be able to do???

If he taught him to do a regular salute, that’d be something.

BTW, t-shirts with swaztika’s(sp?) and Nazi slogans are not at all hard to come by, especially over the internet. Wherever there is a market for something…

For some reason, the description of the dog as a “black mongrel” makes me uneasy.

I know it’s literally true, but in a story of this nature…

I find it relieving that Nazism is such an obvious self-parody at this juncture. Not that real neo-Nazis don’t do lots of despicable things, but the terror has gone out of the party to some degree when guys with Hitler mustaches and t-shirts are trying to teaching their dogs ‘sieg heil.’

If I hold my cat in a certain way, she does an involuntary Hitler salute. I then march her up and down saying “Die Katzen wollen Lebensraum! Tod zu den Mäusen!”

I think it’s funny.

Well, if it’s a cat doing it, then it’s hysterical.

I think the larger question is: why is this news and why is it illegal?


It could be worse - she could look like this.