Nazis and the SA

During the 20s and 30s, the Nazi party created its own private army of Brownshirts called the SA.

When Hitler rose to political power in Germany, he had the leaders of the SA killed in the Night Of The Long Knives, thus consolidating his power and eliminating the competition.

What happened to the rest of the SA?

Merged with the SS? Swallowed up by the regular German Army?

There were the rank and file SA regiments after Rohm was killed, but they were pretty much vestigial. Viktor Lutze replaced Rohm as head of the SA, and they didn’t do too much more than the occasional parade. When Lutze was killed in a car crash in 1943 he was replaced by a guy named Wilhelm Schepmann, who presided over what was left until the end of the war.

There was at least one miltary unit that came out of the SA after the purge, though. The SA-Standarte Feldherrnhalle was made up of the most promising members of the SA, and provided security to SA offices. Eventually it grew in size and was transferred to the Wehrmacht and became a full-fledged Panzerkorps.

From what I recall from history books, documentaries etc. the main function of the SA after 1934 was to occasionally provide unsophisticated muscle (as in the November pogroms of 1938), and to be an organization that you could join if a) you wanted to gain Nazi-cred in your spare time for career/local power/networking purposes, b) fancied wearing an uniform in public and c) were not cut out for work in the more specialized/demanding NSDAP-affiliated organizations. The vast majority of SA members were part-timers.

According to Wikipedia, Schepmann died in 1970. However, the article doesn’t account for his activities between 1945 and his death. Was he tried and imprisoned, as many other Nazi leaders were?