Nazis getting younger - Scriptwriters will soon need Hitler Youth

I noticed a trend last night on Law and Order for abusive, prison camp Nazi’s to be getting younger and younger as time goes by in order to have a coherent storylines. Ths story involved a young Nazi officer who was 22 during the end of the war. Some math indicates the youngest he could be is approx 22 + 61 (1943>2004) = 83 (He looked like he was in his early 70’s). All the Nazi hunters in the 60’s to the 80’s were hunting older decision making officers, but as time goes by this can’t be sustained.

If this keeps up the only ones left for the script writers will be Hitler Youth.

There’s always all those Nazi clones down in Argentina.

A former roommate spent 6 months in Peru, and said there was that older German couple on the edge of town who no one really liked, with the heavy accent.
[Cue Jaws theme]

Since Lennie Briscoe - well, Jerry Orbach - is 68, by comparison I have to say the Nazi did indeed look well into his 80s.

Seriously, early 70s? How young are you? :slight_smile:

45… and loving it! I was always surprised that Jerry Orbach had a substantial broadway musical career pre- L&O, and that he was the voice of the candle Lumiere in Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” .

Your math is wrong, as WWII ended in 1945. It would be 22+59, for an age of 81.

They may as well use Hitler Youth - that’s a scary bunch of kids.

I was calculating as to the most probable time the Germans were operating concentration camps so I estimated 1943. When were the prison camps liberated?

All the way up into 1945 itself. I think mostly in 1944, but I may be wrong there off the top of my head. The Nazis kept force-marching prisoners from one camp to another as the Allies encroached further and further into German-occupied territory, shooting those too weak to travel in often sub-freezing temperatures. Auschwitz, the biggest death camp, was liberated on Jan. 27th, 1945.