NBA 2022-23 Season

Daily Mail says it’s their worst start in 65 years.

The '57-58 Minneapolis Lakers started 0-7 on their way to a record of 19-53, finishing 22 games out of first place in the Western Division, dead last in a four-team race.

This IS the rebuild. The start of it, anyway.

Oh, Brooklyn…

I’m sure Steve Nash will be glad to have nothing more to do with you guys now. (heh - especially with three years left on his contract, he can just bum around with his remaining $27 million if he wants.)

His first season with the Nets - 38 different starting line-ups. Next season - 42!

Kyrie - 12 seaons - 10 coaches

I think I should stop.

Way to go, fans!

Raptors without VanVleet again versus San Antonio. But the acid test will be how they do playing six of their next eight games on the road. They’ve done pretty well at home (though not Milwaukee magnificent)…

Well, they started out awfully well.

And now he’s suspended.

If I am not mistaken, the Raptors are leading the Atlantic Division. I hope they do well on this road trip, which would bode good things.

To make this thread more Raptor-centric still, just wanna add that it was nice hearing Kenny Smith saying today that he thinks TO might be the most dangerous team in the league basically becasue it’s hard to figure out who to guard against.
There was scuttlebutt (ok I’m never using that hipster word again) in Toronto apparently about maybe Durant coming by their way eventually. (for Siakam / Barnes)
To which I say oh god no.

After a stunning loss to the Magic in Orlando, the defending champion Warriors are 3-6 and still winless on the road with a record of 0-5.

I guess; the divisions don’t have much to do with anything anymore. They used to.

True dat.

Raptors decent first half on the road against a tough Dallas team. If only they could sink a three once in a while. They are playing well at the boards.

I think Toronto went seven minutes in the third quarter without scoring a point. They found some pep and made it close, but essentially needed VanVleet who was out and Siakam who pulled his groin after an awkward slip.

Toronto has the NBA’s ninth best three point percentage, which to be honest is bad news.

They played well in the paint and sank some threes in the fourth quarter. But they missed their first ten tries, or so, and this made a difference. Few of these tries were from the corners, which they had trouble getting to. I am not nearly as smart as Nurse. It’s good to have confidence. But if it isn’t working, do what helps.

Damn, that’s the first Magic loss that hurts. De’Aaron Fox is a star.

Portland stunned Phoenix the other night with a last second layup. And they were playing without Lillard and Simons. The crowd just stood there with their mouths hanging open. POR is in first place in the NW division. Meanwhile, GS is 0-6 on the road. T-wolves play the 1-8 Rockets tonight.

The Warriors surprise me.

Toronna looked really good in their first game against Chicago and without Spicy. VanVleet with thirty points, and holding a good team to 104 points. Koloko seems a very strong rookie. Hope they look as good tomorrow and the rest of their road trip.

This is the longest running soap opera in my life. I don’t even like the NBA game anymore and would get rid of the 3-pt line if I could, but I do like the play-in, draft reform, elimination of the take-foul. I prefer my Pistons pre-season over a game on ESPN, although I do like Jeff Van Gundy, but I usually just watch the very end.

I’m not sold on Philly, and will never be sold on a team where Harden is a starter. Maxey’s development should be considered - he’s a great player on both ends, and deserves more usage. Harden should play and do his dribbling with the 2nd unit. The Lakers finally did this with Westbrook, but I can understand a rookie head coach having to try Russell in the starting 5, but nothing is working there, or in Brooklyn, where there isn’t enough room, and it’s played to death.

Phoenix has to win now or will have a fire sale very soon. They just paid a lot of guys a ton of money, including Chris Paul until he’s what, 40? And 30 million/yr! They had their chance against the Bucks (who I think would have made The Finals last year)… I like Giannis (except for some of the recent arrogant videos) because of his amazing play, but his determination, good guy who everyone thought would wait instead of signing that long-term extension. Boston made it to The Finals finally, keeping their team together for the most part. I still think Rozier was a better fit. Remember they took the Cavs to a Game 7, almost making The Finals that year. And with their two highest paid players out - Irving and Gordon Hayward. Teams need to find more guys who play off-the-ball…

I never count out Miami, and Cleveland is looking good. A little over a year ago, they finished the season with 20 wins. We’ve seen a lot of teams turn it around quickly. I think starting out real good sets a positive mindset, an expectation to win, and sports at this level, where everyone is great, comes down to the mental game… And even shot-making is confidence, and even that rubs off your teammates (and the fans), as does hustle and defense. I saw this first-hand yesterday when Bojan picked up SGA (who had 20-something in the first half) full-court… If the oldest guy on the team sets that tone, the guys in their early 20s can’t play half-assed… Big fan of Cade Cunningham. Duren was a steal. Not sure if Ivey fits, but I like a guy who scores off nothing – athleticism, but one injury, and he’d have little use. Not a good defender, no basketball IQ, but seems to have fire, and got pumped on the bench, which pumped me up.

Doncic needs help. It’s too bad his talented is being wasted. He makes all those other guys better, but has to do too much. In the playoffs, do what the Cavs did to Chicago – double D-Rose, and then the others have to beat you. I miss the offense of a team like the 2002 Sacramento Kings. Their best passers were all big men – Webber, Divac, and Brad Miller.

I just hope guys can stay healthy throughout the season, and especially the playoffs. Maybe this load management isn’t helping? Maybe guys need to be in that “groove” and some “rest” throws the body off, making it susceptible to injury - kinda like working out without stretching. They are the top 450 in the world. Lots of games might still be available with the one-day NBA League (Free) Pass, since every team player, so that no team would have to play on Election Day.