NBA All Star Game Halftime Show: Sting!

The NBA’s All-Star game is taking place in Toronto soon, and to lay down some awesome jams during halftime, they’ve chosen… uhh… Sting?

Like, mad props to Sting and The Police. I loved “Dream of the Blue Turtles” but that was in 198ago, and I’m not super convinced “Fields of Gold” is the track you’re going to drop that really blows the audience away and makes LeBron James groove along. They do know Drake and The Weeknd are actually from Toronto and have had Top Ten hits in the last twenty years, right?

Well, they tried to get Bowie.

You never hear from Bowie anymore. Must be new management.

I’m going to assume it is to promote Sting’s upcoming tour. Still, why not send Sting to the Super Bowl and I’m sure the NBA would love Coldplay.

How long does halftime normally last in an NBA game? It’s not nearly as long as for football, and there’s a good reason; after a certain point, the players need to warm up all over again.