NBA commish Adam Silver "knocked it out of the park" - heh

Was listening to Mike and Mike on ESPN radio this morning and Mike Greenberg said that a few times.

The use of a baseball metaphor in this situation made me chuckle. Saying Silver “hit nothing but net” or “nailed one from downtown” would fit better.

Totally, utterly mundane and pointless, so I thought I must share…

Sounds like Greenberg dropped the ball on that one…

The sad thing is that what Adam Silver really did was prevent the NBA players from going on strike which would have jeopardized all of that play-off TV money for the owners (and guess who’s still an owner?) If you’re naive enough to believe this was all about racism, then Silver scored a trifecta.

Don’t you think you’re moving the goal posts?

I disagree with Greenberg. I think Silver really dropped the ball on this one. He should have huddled with his advisers a while before making a rash decision.

I don’t care if the players might have balked at that.

and…boom goes the dy no mite.

That said, the harshness of the commissioner’s verdict was surprising.

He really threw Sterling a curveball.

I heard Sterling say that one thing he learned while working for the previous Commissioner is that timing of your actions is very important. He was careful to point out that doesn’t mean acting rashly, but that it does mean acting quickly and decisively when there’s a disciplinary situation. You want to be seen as responding to the incident as much as possible, and for that I think timing does matter. If Silver took four weeks to come to a decision, then I think he’d have a lot less credibility that he was acting specifically to Donald Sterling’s inappropriate comments instead of reacting to whatever the organized response was by the NBA players or etc.

Due to the swiftness of his action, Sterling had already had the hammer brought down on him almost as quickly as this story jumped from the NBA world (which I don’t follow as a non-NBA fan) to the mainstream media. I think I’d heard about this situation for all of a day prior to Sterling’s lifetime ban.

I still think Silver and Sterling will face-off in a court of law, eventually. And if Sterling files suit in Los Angeles, he’ll have home-field advantage.