NBA players and spellcheck

I must compliment whoever’s responsible for the Dope’s spell check. I frequently post in the National Basketball Association thread, and have never had a red line appear under any NBA player’s name spelled correctly, no matter how bizarre or unusual it is.

I think that’s your browser, not the website. In either case, is it possible it’s just ignoring capitalized words?

Yes, this is the case.

I am dubious that initially capitalized words get ignored on any browser spellcheck. What I do know is that Chrome has an enhanced spell check option that sends the word to Google. And since a lot of people likely google those names, maybe Google recognizes them as words.

What I know is that just shy of 10 years ago I started a thread about how terrible Firefox’s built in spell check is and it’s still awful. I still end up googling the word I need and C&Ping it from the suggestions google gives me. It’s a whole lot faster than trying to find a different way to spell the word wrong until the spell checker figures out what I’m looking for.

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