NBA's lack of parity.

What do you think has contributed to the NBA’s lack of parity? The Warriors and the Cavs have played each other in the finals for 4 years in a row.

I liked when it was more fair, like the Lakers of the 80s making the Finals all but once during the 80s, and the Celtics being there half the time as well. Or when Chicago blew up everyone with Jordan/Pippen for the majority of the 90s. Or Lakers 2.0 spending most of the 2000s in the Finals, only to be replaced by the Spurs when they decided to take a season off. Or since then, when whoever won the East was (insert LeBron’s team here).
The NBA has never had parity. Prior to the salary cap, it was big markets dominating everything. With the salary cap, they also capped salaries, so someone like James, Curry, Leonard, or Durant can have an incredible effect on the court while still being paid below market value. The NBA combines the inanity of the MLB’s “cap” with the outsize impact of NFL quarterbacks for true superstars. They’ve never pretended to desire parity, only that the dominating teams change it up every decade or so.

Is this the monthly NBA parity thread?

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