NBC cancels My Name is Earl

I watched this show when it premiered, found it very funny, but got tired of it last season and stopped watching. Still, I thought it was doing pretty well in the ratings.

Apparently not.

This makes me sad. Crabman was one of my favorite TV characters. Actually, I kinda loved the whole cast.

They got on my nerves and became caricatures after a while, but I didn’t think the show was in danger of cancellation.

I hope karma bites some NBC executive hard in the ass.

NBC is canceling a lot of shows to make room for five nights of Jay Leno.

Last I heard, both Fox and ABC were interested in picking up the show, so there’s a chance it will be back by midseason.

Here hoping–I really like the show a lot.

Not really surprising. I mean, how long could Earl’s list have been? I’m surprised the writers came up with new stories for as long as they did.

From the article:

Blah. What a mistake. Isn’t “Parks” tanking in the ratings? I’m a Poehler fan, but that show isn’t my cup of tea.

I’ll miss “Earl”, but at least it will free up a lot of talent for a lot of other shows. Hope it gets put to good use.

Parks and Recreation and Earl do about the same in the ratings, but NBC owns P&R so the network collects the money from syndication and DVD sales that Fox gets from Earl. It’s the same reason they canceled Scrubs.

And that’s what’s going to bite them in the arse.

Who wants to watch 5 nights of lame jokes and poking fun of idiots on the street?

I don’t think it’s a lot to do with “Parks” so much as the guys responsible for it (think: The Office) have a hell of a lot of capital over at NBC.


Parks and Recreation is The Office with Amy Poehler. I watched the whole first season of The Office on hulu because everybody kept telling me how great it was. I hated it. I tried to like it…I really did. See: watched entire first season. I’ve seen 3 eps of Parks and Rec and aside from one or two laughs, I’m not liking it either.

I’ve never seen a single episode of Earl, and it’s on my list of shows to get on DVD. Do I need to even bother?

That’s irritating, it was one of the few shows I still keep up with. I don’t like Parks and Recreation and The Office is hit or miss with me. 30 Rock and Earl were the only reason I watched the 2 shows in between. I may cut back to just 30 Rock.

sigh Earl was the only network show we watched. It reminded me of a grownup version of The Adventures of Pete and Pete - not fearing to wander into absurdity. In the last season they got back to their roots, after the terrible detour to prison and coma.

I hope they get picked up.

No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.

Buying or renting? I think it’d be fun to own, but mostly if you had someone to talk about it with, the recurring characters and jokes and stuff.

A couple seasons back, Earl went meta and some of the characters (mostly Joy) started posting in the Earl thread at Television Without Pity. I don’t remember what started it. I think maybe one of the writers picked up on a TWOP comment, and then there was a line in an episode referring to the website (something about a Murphy bed). TWOPers started talking about it and pretty soon there was Joy, joining in. It was a hoot.

Does anyone remember? I’m too lazy to look for it, but Joy’s posting was in character and very funny. It made me like the show even more, the interaction with fans.

You might want to consider trying again if all you watched was the first season. The Office didn’t really “click” for me until the second season, and now it’s one of my favorites.

In looking at the other high-profile shows that were also cancelled, I was surprised to see Samantha Who? and Without a Trace. I’ve never seen either, but always was under the impression that they were quite successful and popular for their respective networks, too.

Guess not.

It was the season two episode, ‘Kept a Guy Locked In a Truck’. In the episode, the guy who’d been locked in the truck posted to TWOP with the username ‘whojackie’. A few days before that episode aired, that post was made for real - link. He’d also made other posts before that which tied into the then upcoming episode quite nicely.

Joy’s post:

Without a Trace WAS quite successful and popular:


WaT was 16th in the ratings last season.