NBC News trailer jargon

Last night on the NBC national broadcast with Brian Williams, I saw something that flabbergasted me and I’m curious as to whether this was a mistake or accepted jargon.

Two thirds of the way through the broadcast they ran a brief “trailer”, a short promo of the next story to be covered when they returned from a break, and at the end of it they mistakenly and ever so briefly had a blue screen flash with white lettering. What surprised me was what the lettering said. I’m going to put it in a spoiler because, well, it doesn’t strike me as one for the family…Cocktease

Err… am I being a tad prudish here? This word doesn’t infer something somewhat risque? Is this an accepted term for news trailers? If so, fine, just color me somewhat surprised.

I have a suspicion that was something not meant for broadcast. Someone may have been playing a joke…in any event, it this gets a screen shot on You Tube or something, heads are going to roll.

Oh I think it definately wasn’t meant for broadcast. You know how every once in awhile you’ll see some nondescript screen that’ll say something like “Commercial 1” or the like, it’s just a leader never meant for broadcast? Well, this one wasn’t quite so innocuous… or was it?

I know nothing of broadcast studios. Maybe it’s a term with an innocent past. Made me blink twice though.

I’ve worked in broadcasting for nearly 20 years. Yes, during the 6p and 11p broadcasts production had a lot of down time, and we did a lot of shall we say, not exactly PC things with the equipment. But the one thing you do first, last, and always is make sure if you’re playing around, it’s nowhere near possible to get it on air.