NCAA Men's Division II Title — My school!

On Saturday, my alma mater, Bellarmine University in Louisville, Ky., won the national title in the Division II men’s NCAA tournament. I graduated in 1985, back when it was just Bellarmine College but … woo!

I’m not a big basketball fan, despite living in Lexington, Ky., where you just have to breathe to be permeated by NCAA basketball (the University of Kentucky) … but I must say, from what I watched of the game, those boys could shoot! I couldn’t watch the whole thing; my son’s Honors Band concert was at the same time! :mad: Well, motherhood trumps alumnihood.

Anyone else see the game? Follow Division II basketball? I thought BYU-Hawaii had some excellent shooters too.

Here’s a link to a story:|topnews|text|Sports

My alma mater, UW-Platteville, has won the Div III title several times, including a couple of perfect seasons.
The coach? Bo Ryan, current UW-Madison coach.


Sigh. Not much love for Division II!

Not a Bellermine alum, but a Louisville resident and I was really proud of the Knights and Coach Davenport. If UK wins the tournament, it would mean that the NCAA I and II as well as the NAIA champs (Pikeville) are all from the Bluegrass!

“If” UK wins the tournament! Nobody in Lexington better hear you say that! :slight_smile:

My alma mater is Northern Kentucky University, and they are in the running every year. And your school beat mine in the second round!

I never would have thought I’d follow women’s collegiate basketball, then my alma started putting out some really good teams under a great coach. Kim Mulkey, Brittney Griner, Melissa Jones & Co. are still in it again this year and the Lady Bears won the whole thing in '05. Go Baylor! Go Bellarmine!

Hooray, Bellarmine, the school I never actually went to, but got a bunch of college credit from while going to high school! I heartily climb aboard the bandwagon!

Hey thanks, Snoops. I bet I can guess which school you went to. Or maybe I can narrow it down to about four.

The website that I’m looking at right now shows 13 high schools in the Louisville area that partner with Bellarmine for college credit. God knows how many were doing so back in the day.

I sure did love my Bellarmine credits. They enabled me to avoid taking a stitch of math in college. And because signing up for the next round of classes was based on how many you already had earned, I never had to fight with anyone in my year for a particular teacher or time slot.

How does one wind up going to Bellarmine? No slur intended . i never heard of them.

Your application gets rejected by UK and U of L…


Hey, shut up Fois Gras! :mad: :slight_smile:

Bellarmine is my father’s alma mater, located in the city where my family is from. It’s also a Catholic school, and being Catholic, that was an added bonus. I had no interest in going to UK or UofL, and by attending a small liberal arts school I had opportunities that people at bigger places might have only dreamed about (like writing for The Courier-Journal when I was only a college sophomore).

That’s what I kept telling myself too! Then in 1995 I enrolled at NKU.


I get it you’re trying to be cute, but I wonder why you think it’s inherently funny to go to a private college?

Ellen, I don’t think that at all, but since you and I both spent at least some years in the state of Kentucky (I lived in Fort Thomas in Northern Kentucky for about 10 years…and of course, I know that Northern Kentucky isn’t* really *Kentucky…its part of Cincinnati, right?:)) you know the common perception (or misconception, as it were) about how great UK and to a lesser extent, U of L is in the eyes of the average Kentuckian.

Hence the joke. I’m sure its probably harder (and more expensive) to get into Bellarmine than UK.

Oh, OK. Though I’d argue the “greatness” of the schools in the minds of “most Kentuckians” is mainly confined to the winning records of the basketball and football teams.

Well there you go with all that thinkin’ and learnin’ and stuff what with that liberal arts degree…
But I totally agree. No doubt that basketball rules in the bluegrass.