NCAA reversing calls?

Does the NCAA have a record of reversing or changing the results of basketball games when a protest is filed? Or ordering replays? Assume that the refs made a really bad or highly questionable call which resulted changing who won the particular game.

I just want to know if it’s worthwhile for a team to file a protest. Let’s say that an NCAA rules committee member has already agreed it was a bad call and has issued an advisory to referees to ignore the given situation as long as it doesn’t interfere with subsequent play. Is there any point in making a protest in that case?

Since this is a question about sports, it’ll probably do better in The Game Room rather than GQ. Moved.

samclem, Moderator, General Questions

They have admitted calls were bad but they have never changed the outcome of a game.

They have changed game outcomes by forfeits for the use of an illegible player, but I don’t think this is what the OP is referring to.

No not an ineligible player. Or even an “illegible” player.

So if they never change game results or order replays, is there any point in filing a protest? Other than to make the protester feel better about it?

Make sure that the same thing doesn’t happen down the line. Every game coaches send film of what they think was questionable to the league offices so that the refs as a whole can get an interpretation and get better.