NCAA Stat Weirdness

Care to take a guess who the top 3 teams are in rushing yards per game?

No Googling.

Post your guesses and check out how ya did!

Don’t spoil for the late comers please.

Navy,Air Force,Army

I bet GaTech and Navy are on there, running the triple option. After that, I dunno… Michigan.

That is weird!

Very nice try!

All three of your picks in the top seven!

Navy, for sure. Probably Air Force. And Georgia Tech.

Checking answers now…

Wow. That’s surprising because as of last year I’m pretty sure that 3rd team was running more of a pro style offense.

Also a nice try.

Actually, it’s not at all surprising, if you know what kind of offensive system all three of those teams run. They were all top 8 last year. I’d have thought Georgia Tech was top 3, instead of #4, but that’s really all.