NDI University Award Center.... another scam? it's gottttta be...

I swear, SDMB should have an entire section related to scams… there seem to be quite a few questions about them.

In the mail the other day, I received a postcard from NDI University Award Center. It says first class and has an actual stamp. It has “II” after my name (as in ‘the second’) which I never use, but, my university does.

On the back we have “important claim #xxxxx” with a please call within 24 hours of receipt.

A quick google of different terms brings up different search engine results. However, last week, when I received the card and googled it a blog came up. It told about how someone got a card the same as mine, called the number and was told they had to sit through a lecture on technology at the Hampton Inn… at the conclusion of the lecture they get a prize (nice prizes, IIRC) There was no followup.

There is no way I’m calling this number… I can smell scam from a mile away.

Any ideas? What kind of scam is this?

They’ve changed the name slightly, but it sounds like this scam here.