Neanderthal gene - alcoholism link

A friend tells me there is a study that links a higher Neanderthal DNA percentage to a predisposition to alcoholism. Googling, I find mainly articles about Ozzy.

Is there anything to this or is my friend full of hooey?

I think he’s full of hooey.

Ethnic tendencies towards alcoholism tend to be highest among Native Americans, but the group with the highest percentage of Neanderthal DNA is Europeans.

So… no, I don’t think so.

Not so far off though. Neandertal genes are associated with a variety of positive and negative traits, predispositions to diseases, and with nicotine addicition, but apparently not so far with alcoholism.

I get the impression that lately Homo Sap has taken to trying to dump many of our less admirable traits off on our poor defunct predecessors.
We’ll probably hear soon that the hobbit people of Indonesia were skilled thieves.

There is lots of presumption that Neanderthal genes preserved had been, back 10,000 years ago or so, beneficial to H sapiens moving into the neighborhood, and that many are still beneficial today. Certain areas of the genome have more Neanderthal genes and others are very empty of them. The presumption is that the areas that are fairly absent were mainly genes that were of negative genetic fitness impact and the ones more concentrated with them were for genes that were of positive genetic fitness impact. But proving what those unknown positive impacts were or are is hard to do. OTOH finding an association, even a fairly weak one, with reported negative impacts in a solid database, not as difficult. Even some of the negative impacts may be due to traits that were positive back 10,000 years ago but which have different impacts in a different world (Nicotine addiction? The gene(s) involved HAD to do something positive once upon a time.)