Nearby camera store no longer carries ASA 100 film

200, 400, (and maybe 1000) in color. 400 only for B/W. Not that I particularly needed 100, but I thought that was interesting. This is one of the national chains, too.

Most of the places that process film are closing down or shipping out for film processing and doing digital printing onsite. Film is basically a specialty item now and prices and availability are really showing that.

I might feel a twinge of nostalgia, but then I look at my neatly organized digital folders and compare it to the rubbermaid tubs of photos and negatives and it all goes away.

I was told that modern ASA 400 film has a grain structure fine enough that ASA 100 is no longer needed, and that due to lack of demand it’s a better business plan to only carry ASA 400. ISTM that people still using film either A) can’t afford a digital camera or don’t care about digital enough to buy a digital camera, and use the old film cameras they have and don’t need to be picky about their film; or B) are into film cameras and are interested in such things. I’m guessing the former outnumber the latter.

Oh, the F-Stop closed, by the way - I bet you never did take your film in!

It closed completely? I went by last week, and the note on the door said they would still be opening on Saturdays. The biggest problem I have with the roll I have undeveloped is that since it’s infrared, you have to unload it in total darkness, or you’ll get a strip of fogging on the negatives where the film comes out of the cartridge. I can’t just open the back and take it in.

I agree that the 400 film is high enough quality that there’s not really the need (and hence, demand) for 100. My former dentist had a number of his own 8x10 photographs adorning his office and examination rooms. I asked him what he used, and he said 400 35mm. And you couldn’t quibble over any quality issues with his photos.

Yeah, as of Saturday. You could always call Grant and ask real sweet, I’m sure.

There is a camera store near you that sells B&W film?!? I order all of mine from Freestyle Photo and from Adorama.

I expect you could strike a lively debate on about 400 ASA being “good enough” although if you pull it to 200 ASA you should get a good result.

Now fondly remembering my good slides taken with kodachrome 64 and 25…