Nearly two months with no SDMB? I was going through withdrawl.

Hello there all. Just a little note to anyone wondering where the hell I went to. I know there’s gonna be some of you saying “who cares?” But I got a few e-mails, so I figured some people might want to know.
Well, about a week before the end of November things got really hectic with University. Well, that’s an understatement. I’m a film major, and I had 4 films due in November, and an animation project due at the beginning of December. Also, I helped others with their films. You get editing time when you can get it, too. I’d often go to classes all day & then edit most of the night.
But, I enjoy it, so I’m not complaining. Just meant I had less time for the SD. I also have other film studies and non-film classes, though. So I had to write numerous essays and quite a few big assignments, as well. Then I had finals right away, so…you get the idea.
Anyway, I’ll be around regularly again, for those that care. If you don’t, well…it’s good to see you again too. :slight_smile:

I care! I’ve missed you! Are you going to start coming to chat again?

Welcome back and nice to see you talking for a change :stuck_out_tongue:

(For the idiots and you know who you are I’m just joking, see the emoticon above)


Hey Silver Fire, good to see you too. Yeah, I’ll be coming back into chat. I would have gone on tonight, but I just finished writing a take-home final (weird, but true). I have to study tomorrow, too, so I gotta get some snooze time. But I’ll probably be on this weekend.

Thanks Yojimbo. :smiley:

Hey Wolverine, or should I say Logan? :slight_smile:

Well, now, it’s about time you came back! :smiley:

Seriously, hon, it’s really, really good to see you posting again. This place wasn’t the same without you.

silent_rob! I was wondering where you were! I sent you a smooch in the mistletoe thread… :slight_smile:

Rob kicks dirt Aw, shucks. :o

Great to be posting again, darlin. You always say the sweetest things. :slight_smile:

Rob feels a little light headed Really? Very cool. Thanks, TroubleAgain, you rock. If I can’t find the thread…
Rob hangs some mistletoe and gives TroubleAgain a smooch


It’s rubbed off from talking everyday to a guy nicknamed Dr. Swee-- okay, okay, I won’t say it. :slight_smile:



Silent Rob! Missed you!

Good to hear you were being productive and all. You should really go check the mistletoe thread out…

big hug Welcome back.

Glad to have you back Rob, after all it was hard to hold Saskatchewan’s reputation up on the board all by myself (with a lot of help from Mega and Speaker for the Dead) . I hope to catch you in chat soon.


P.S. You wouldn’t believe how many trolls accused you of being a sock puppet during your absence.

Audrey, Audrey, Audrey:wink:

Hey there, Coldfire. How’s it goin? :smiley:

Thanks Medea’s Child, I missed you too. And I have taken your advice, and wandered under the mistletoe…thread. :smiley:
Thanks again.

Hey Odieman, don’t worry. Saskatchewan in da house! Representin! silent_rob makes ‘S’ sign with his hand
Oh, and I wouldn’t be too surprised about those accusations. Seems to be a running gag with the trolls, or something.

So it’s Friday. Is that technically the weekend? Shouldn’t you be in chat? :slight_smile:

Hi silent_rob. I was just reading about your being gone on this thread. **silent_rob?**Glad to see you’re back. :slight_smile:

Welcome back.

Thought you were dead. Glad you aren’t.

Now to get on MY computer and see if I can get into a chat with somebody besides Fathombot. He’s not much of a conversationalist.

Like, groovy, Dude. Welcome back.

Just got back from there, Silver Fire. :slight_smile: Wished I could stay longer, but I’ve got to get up early tomorrow.

Thanks Nessy. Though, I couldn’t get your link to work.

Thanks Gunslinger.

Hey dropzone, good to see you to. :smiley:
Don’t be too hard on Fathombot. He tries his darndest.

MysterEcks! DUDE! :slight_smile: