Neatdesk scanner software question

First, I tried Googling but came up with nothing.

I got a gift a month early. A Neatdesk scanner. When trying to set up the software it wanted me to go for a free 30 day trial for NeatCloud. I found no way to get around it, so I stopped installation. I did find a cite where people complained trying to cancel after the trial was a nightmare.

Anyway, for the question. Do you have to have NeatCloud to use the cabinet software?

I do have NeatCloud, but it’s not required. Most of my receipts I scan from my phone when I’m out and about, I use the scanner for things like bank statements and it all syncs together.

Since I’ve been using it since version 2 or so, I haven’t experienced the forced trial. The last time I had to call them for something, you speak to someone in Boston, so it was more or less understandable ������

When you were setting up the software, did it have you sign up for the cloud service first before anything else?


I’ve been running the software since before NeatCloud was around, so it has been an upgrade install for me, but I’m pretty sure you can skip the cloud login.

Thank you.