Neato John McCain Story

Did you see the neato John McCain story in Slate?? Well worth your time.

It is remarkable these little pictures we sometimes get of the person behind the personage. Nasty ol’ Joe Liberman will not drive to a vote on the Sabbath. Ike was a private pilot, but Mamie made him give it up. Jack and Bobby Kennedy used to play wicked games of Diplomacy.

And, John McCain is loyal to his friends.

A nice little insight into the man.

Very nice story. Thank you for that.

Nice. Thank you for sharing it.

Well, it’s an interesting counterpoint to the one in which he called his wife a cunt. :eek:

You are all welcome.

Raw story? What is that? Ought I to believe it?

Beats me. The guy does seem to have a temper. But the specific event (calling his wife a cunt) doesn’t seem to be well enough documented for me to worry about it much. So I’m not gonna.

It would seem to me that both authors linked here have an agenda, so I’m reading them with a little skepticism. Sorry. The timing is off. They both could be 100% gospel truth. But during the campaigns, I sort these types of articles into my “bullshit” pile, regardless of merit.

Maybe. I was approaching it from the “What’s it like to be a senator.”

Except, of course, the Michael Lewis article is from 1997.

ETA: I was unable to access the Raw Story article and I’ve never heard of it so no clue as to the original date of the article.

True enough, re: the agenda of each article.

I do think, though, that there is a difference between an old published story dusted off and rereleased and an old story, never published, reported on now, 16 years after the incident took place.