Nebraska Player Caught On Video Assaulting Mizzou Fan - What will happen?

Will he be charged with criminal assault or just wrist slapped by the college. If the fan aggravated the player by shouting taunts is this a mitigating factor?

Here is the video. The player flattens him with one (sucker) punch.

Nebraska Player Caught On Video Assaulting Mizzou Fan

Knowing Coach Frank Solich’s history of dealing with player problems, it is unlikely much will happen, at least as far as punishment from the team goes. The local media have reported extensively on the event, and Solich’s response thus far has been (paraphrased) “I’ll deal with it internally.” It is my understanding that the fan does not want to press charges, a decision which I respect. Still, I don’t think it would be overkill to suspend Huston for 2 or 3 games, and/or mandate substantial community service. And, Huston needs to make a public apology to the injured fan, to the University of Missouri, and to his teammates for the embarassment he has caused them.

Since this is IMHO, I don’t think I’m out of line to say that when it comes to potentially difficult situations like this, Solich has pebbles for cojones. Very little will happen to Mr. Huston, I predict, and this Husker fan is quite disappointed.

Man. It looks like assault, pure and simple. Couldn’t the MO police make a case since it’s caught on video? The player is a moron and a criminal.

He’ll get off easy.

I’ve heard the victim doesn’t want to press charges because he was technically trespassing at the time. Rumor has it he was also very drunk. On the other hand I’m in the middle of Husker Hell…errr…I mean Nation, and every thing I hear is biased.
The Husker should be suspended for some length of time decided by somebody NOT living in the state of Nebraska. Has there ever been a worse week for athletes looking like asses?