Neck Cord

What’s the device that movie stars use to decapitate someone? The device is a long string - a really thin string that slices through flesh like butter. What’s it called?


I see it’s mentioned in the linked wiki articled, I most often see it referred to as piano or music wire. That’s likely what you would find it as if you saw it at a hardware or arts and crafts store.

Movie stars are given to decapitating people?! :eek::eek::eek:

Come on, name names!

Need answer fast!

Hey, those studio guys are dicks, y’know?

Nicholas Cage.

I mean, it’s a reasonable assumption.

A prop?

huh, I remember a book I read (late 70s or early 80s, I guess) that had a character of a hard-bitten marine Colour Sergeant, who was incredibly dismissive of using piano/cheese wire for a garrote - the risk of removing the head (and consequently having a steel helmet clang on a metal deck) was too high.

As you might expect, following a betrayal the Colour Sergeant was garrotted, with a cheesewire.


FWIW, the references to cheesewire remind of a friend of mine who is an avid baker; he uses dental floss to slice a cheesecake. Unused dental floss, of course, but it still seems a little disconcerting to me.

Is it necessary to point out that no actual garrotte will cut through flesh like butter?

Apparently so.

Cheese is pretty soft stuff, and so a thin wire will slice through it with modest effort. But it takes a good sharp-edged knife and some sawing action to cut through a hunk of raw meat the size of a human neck. And it takes a bit of dedication to cut through the cervical spine with that knife, too; a piece of piano wire ain’t gonna do it.

The only wires that are simultaneously small enough and strong enough to cut through flesh and bone like a knife are fictional. The two I’ve seen are the molecular-wire weapon used in Johnny Mnemonic, and shigawire from the Dune universe.

A wire clay cutter used in pottery-making would do just fine, I think.

Well, in the “motorcycle rider” scenario, like the urban legend, there’d be a lot more force applied. But if you’re talking about hand-held garrote, then no way.

Since we’re on the subject, one of my favorite jokes from Futurama (from memory):

Bender: “I’m going to [government office] to get [some kind of license]. Anybody need anything?”
Hermes: “Can you get me a license to kill?”
Bender: “Sure, bare-hands or weapon?”
Hermes: “Hmm… what does garrote wire count as?”