Neckbeard con moustache: si o no?

I’m growing a neckbeard.

Technically, I’m attempting to grow a beard, but I carry the Curse of the Male 455s in that it comes out all patchy and scraggly everywhere but the neck.

Well, the neck and one other area: the 'stache, naturally.

Unfortunately, it’s coming in a couple of shades darker than my normal patchy strawberry blonde, so it’s rather prominent. I look something like a cross between a sloppy hipster, a bum, and a pubescent thug.

Mrs. Maidenname-455, kind soul that she is, refuses to tell me whether I look like a complete idiot or not, so I’m turning to the IMHOes.

In general, when one’s choice in a beard is between the Amish look or what one of the kids in Gummo would look like had they tried to grow one, which way should one swing?

PS: If the consensus is to kill that caterpillar, I don’t necessarily agree to follow it. I’m contemplating going as a Tom of Finland character for Halloween.

I’m not really getting a good idea from your description what this looks like (what the hell is Gummo?), but it sounds to me like you should shave the beard, at least. A beard without a mustache just looks dumb.

Maybe you should post a picture.

I think what he is saying is that he grows more hair on his neck then on his face.

Never a good look. Shave it. Unless you’re such a pretty boy that it helps when you ugly it up a bit. In that case… Neh, shave it anyway.

Sorry sir, that sounds quite unattractive.

Neck beards never look good, and moustaches only look good when paired with a regular beard or goatee, IMO. Gummo.

I think of Abe Lincoln when I think ‘neckbeard’. Is this the beard of which you speak?

Do you really want to look like this guy?

Your SO’s refusal to tell you you look like an idiot means she’s a nice person, not that you don’t look like an idiot.


Aren’t neck beards popular with the white supremacist clique?

No offence but I find men who have aa beard without moustache creepy - can’t explain it but, just creepy.

(Goatees without bare upper lips are just about ok but nah, neckbeard = creepy.)

I am the only one reading this? :confused:

OK, never heard of that one, so the reference does me no good in getting the picture.

Boy, if that’s the look the OP is going for, he definitely needs to shave! If you can’t grow the whole beard + mustache, don’t even try. Shave. Unless it’s a goatee, but then you still need the mustache.

Another female speaking up.

Mustache *sans * beard: Can be hot.

Beard *sans * mustache: Looks like you shaved it by accident.

Neckbeard *sans * Chin beard: Really, really weird. Get rid of it!

Many sorrys :smack: I just kinda got put off by the picture Filmgeek linked to. All forgiven ?

black455 do you look like this guy ? He doesn’t give me the creeps. Take a stroll through this (slightly disturbing) gallery to get an idea of how you light look to others, show photos to your lady and judge her reaction …
[hijack] Anaamika do you speak Hindi ? If so there’s a gfuy looking foir a translation, not sure which forum tho’. [/hijack]

Thank you, I did find him and put in my bit. I don’t get an invite, though, since I can’t speak Marathi. :smiley:

Better luck next time :slight_smile:

All is forgiven.

OPer? Keep the 'stach. Lose the neck.

Neckbeard – hideous. Get rid of it.

Now, you may actually be able to grow a beard but not know it. But it’ll take time. Mine took several months to look like more than just a poor shaving job. But now it looks fine. So my advice – shave your neck, let the beard on your face grow for a few months, and recognize that you’ll look like a doofus until it’s come all the way in.


I’ve only got about six weeks invested in this growth, so it hasn’t quite yet reached Mennonite proportions:

That’s from a couple of weeks ago, and it’s not a great picture, but it’s the only one I’ve got at the moment.

I should probably mention that I’ve got plenty on the chin (and soul patch), just not much on the cheeks.

I would like to believe that. However, she has no problem telling me I look like an idiot the rest of the time.

Maybe it’s that she realizes that to insult a man’s beard is to inflict a wound from which he may never recover.

I didn’t know you joined NAMBLA! Who is your SO? Scrappy?