Necklace of brown thingies

Now that I’m on the rocky road to Geezerdom, which lies three-quarters of the way to Oblivion, I’ve noticed that I have these little brown boogery thingies hanging off me, mostly around my neck. Also I see them at the outer corner of both eyes, and under my armpits.

I can pull them off, but they bleed like crazy, and then grow back. So I don’t do that any more…

What the hell are they, why do they circle my neck, and why the apparent symmetry???

I’m guessing you have skin tags. I’m only 25 and I’ve had them for a few years now.

I just got a bunch removed by my dermatologist. I’m not sure if it was her office policy or my health care, but removal via “electronic stingy device” (my term) was I think $75 for up to 15 of them.

I had heard that they were caused by being overweight (which is something I can’t find a cite for so may be BS) so when I lost alot of weight, I had them zapped off. No scars.

I had read in an organic health magazine that Tea Tree Oil will remove them. Didn’t work for me. I did smell like a Tea Tree for a while tho.

My aunt, who also has them on her eyes like you do, had my cousin CUT them off for her. EEEEWWWWW. I can’t say if that method left scars or not. But I don’t think it’s an uncommon method of removal for those who can’ tbe buggered to go to the dermatologist. but eew and ouch on that.

If you take a set of tweezers with a wide tip, and grab the skin tag at it’s root, then squeeze hard and hold it for about 10 seconds, the tag will usually dry up and fall off in a few days or so.

The tweezers crush the blood vessels and the tag tissue dies and falls off.

Another method is to take some fine thread and tie it tightly at the base of the tag. Same effect. Might need some help with this one depending on location.


Hey, I share your shame!

Are they anything like this picture I posted in this thread? Post 12 I thinks it was.

How about the classic nail clippers and a little rubbing alchohol? You may need a small sticking plaster afterwards. Save you $75 right there…

Yes, full-blooded Scotsmen have called me miserly…

Yes, Dr. Fidelius is right. Swab the nail clippers with alcohol on a Q-tip® inside and out. There’s quick watch’s tick of eeek :eek: , but then it’s over. I’ve tried tweezing, and I’ve tried a very sharp knife. Nail clippers are the way to go for skin flaps.