Ned to replace engine bolts?

I have a 1997 Mercury Villager van (same as the Nissan Quest) that bought new, and only have 75,000 miles. It is in excellent shape, do all the required maintenance and want to keep it until it disintegrates, if possible.

just had it in for oil and filter change and was told it needs the engine bolts replaced, at around $600. This is a reputable, AAA-approved garage and have been going there for both cars for years, but can’t help but wonder how urgent this is. They admitted it does not have to be done immediately.

I don’t hear any unusual noise up front.

So, how long could one safely wait before doing this? We only put about 7500 miles per year on it.

Two, does this seem like a reasonable price for this job?

I tried googling about your problem and find a couple incidents of broken motor mount bolts and a couple engine head bolts.
Could you be more specific as to what you were told?
$600.00 to replace head bolts would be understandable if this needs to be done, but at 13 years old, and no problems I am not sure I would loose any sleep over this.
Am looking for the resident auto Gurus to post.

Who’s Ned?

Sorry, Gbro, must have had a brain fart. I meant engine mounts. My bad.

Does the engine sem to lift up on one side when it’s put into gear at idle. Any “clunks” upon sudden acceleration?

Engine mounts, more commonly called motor mounts (and possibly including a transmission mount), hold the powerplant (engine + transmission) in place and absorb normal engine vibration. When they fail, the powerplant can torque over too much, which can sometimes yank on hoses and wires, and/or transmit unpleasant vibration to the passenger compartment. The engine will not fall out of the vehicle. Torque-over is the main concern.

The urgency varies with the situation – how many mounts are broken/weak? How much does the engine torque over? The mechanics who have observed the particular vehicle are in the best position to determine this. It would be difficult to relay enough info to us for us to offer helpful judgment.

The price varies with the specific vehicle, the specific engine, and the specific transmission if its mount is involved. 600 could be reasonable depending on the details.

He’s the guy who’s going to replace the engine bolts.

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Because he works in Jiffy Lube?

Thanks, Gary t for the good info. No noise, clunks or other sounds, but as you feel the cost is in the ball park, guess will go ahead and have it done. A lot less than the interest charged on cost of a replacement.

… in the first reader; Not experienced, lacking knowledge, skill, or wisdom gained from experience. Strange choice to change your motor mounts if you ask me.

I’d think Geoff much better off using Gary T. :wink:

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Sorry about the ‘bolts’. Just going off the title; not poking fun. :wink:

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I’d get a second opinion.

As was said, it all comes down to the individual car, but $600 seems on the high side.

If it is the engine mounts, then shouldn’t this only require securing the engine/transmission (possibly lift slightly with an engine crane) and then undo the bad mount(s) and replace with good mounts(s)?

Depending on how cramped the engine compartment is, I still can’t see this taking long. I also can’t see an engine mount being particularly expensive.

I’d think about $150 would be more like it.

Maybe he would be better advised to go with Mike and the Mechanics?

Could be in the ballpark.

I’ve had a chance to look up some prices since I first posted. For two mounts, definitely high. For three, maybe high but not way out of line. For four, not high.

Not a bad idea.

For one mount, on many cars, yes. For two or more, no way.

From my Googling, it appears that there are three motor mounts, and a trans mount.