Need a Christmas gift idea for under $25 from Amazon - need answer fast!

I need a great gift that I can find on Amazon for around $25 for the office gift exchange. It has to be a unisex item that will appeal to most anyone. Bonus points if it’s slightly unusual (but not too wacky).

Links appreciated.


For utilitarian a package of AA batteries plus a package of AAA batteries. Virtually everyone uses them and if not they know someone who can.

Someone unusual will not be of interest to most recipients.

Michelle Obama’s book. I have a gift exchange coming up with mostly-Republican relatives and I’m thinking of doing that for a laugh.

The new Echo Dots were $25 on Monday, but they’ve gone back up now to about $30.

There are adult activity books, like this one, that keep puzzle-minded folks busy. A couple of those?

Banana slicer, and a binder full of the reviews and comments for the recipient to read at their leisure.

Yeti travel coffee mug. They are really great.
Gift card. Blank journal. Fancy flashlight. Fitbit, or a knockoff.

Owl bank! I gave this last year, but I wanted to keep it.
ETA: I see it’s below the price point. Maybe buy two?

$24 gift card? :smiley:

The “new and interesting finds” page usually has something that will do the trick for a situation like that:

Doesn’t even need to be a fancy flashlight. Newer LED flashlights knock the pants off the ones stuck in people’s closets and cars. Gearlight, for example, has several killer units in various sizes for less than $25.

Flashlights (decent ones) are one of the few gifts that are almost always used.

The Scratch & Sniff Book of Weed

Hot sauce sampler

Echo Dot is $19.99 today only.

  1. Life is like a box of chocolates-you never know what you are going to get: Box of unusual chocolates
  2. a variety of miniature liquor bottles with a can of Coke, tonic water, 7-up

A manicure set. I love getting those.

Because nothing says Christmas like Mothra…

The Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer has competition :eek:

This one is an add-on item, and I think it is hilarious:

Another fun item–novelty paper clip holder:

Mustard Magnetic…Hey, it’s got your username on it!

And this one holds several office accessories:

Hot dog stapler:

Ceramic mug with a creepy creature at the bottom:

It may be a little dated, but you can’t go wrong with this

Not very original, but a small phone battery pack is something most people could use once in a while. Many price points.

How many do you need? :smiley: