Need a couple free Android app suggestions.

I’m still adding and deleting apps after 2 weeks to get the config I want. The main problem I’m having is running out of phone memory. I have a 2GB SD card but am having a problem finding apps that will store to the card instead of phone. For instance, I use Google maps a lot to find bus routes and schedules. Milwaukee Co. transit has a similar function but no gps so you have to keep entering your starting location. The problem is Google maps is relatively large and can’t be moved to the SD card. So I guess I’ll start with that. Any other apps that will let me enter where and when and give me routing info? I’m using an Optimus V on Virgin Mobile, v2.2 (Froyo). Thanks

2 other app types I’m looking for. Something for guitar lessons, preferably with tabs, and some sort of voice trainer for learning to sing. Thanks again.

Cannot be moved, or the apps don’t have built in “move to SD”?

If it’s the latter then there are apps to help; I downloaded an app called “SDMove” that shows the apps on my phone, which ones can be moved, which can’t, which shouldn’t, etc and lets you move them between the phone memory and the SD card. This is on Android 2.2 on an Ideos 8150 (US: T-Mobile Comet).

Thanks, I’ll check that out.